Leaked GTA 6 footage removed by Take-Two

Leaked GTA 6 footage removed by Take-Two

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Grand Theft Auto V's Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are seen wearing formal attire and carrying firearms, looking off camera.

Rockstar and Take-Two are still doing their best to get it under control Grand Theft Auto VI leakage
Image: Rockstar Games

Goat simulator 3 developer Coffee Stain North found itself under the thumb of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two after posting an ad for its open-world mayhem simulator that uses footage from this year’s Grand Theft Auto VI leakage.

The video is from then removed from video platforms after a copyright claim, but those who managed to see the video before it was taken down (thanks, Eurogamer) say the ad features a character named Sean who is interviewed for a job on it Goat simulator 3 and brags about his skills in animating ragdoll physics.

However, the video took a turn when Shawn talked about a job he had done outside Goat simulator 3, to which he said, “I have other things in the works, other big game worlds. You can actually see me in some footage that leaked a few months ago. This was followed by an edited clip of Grand Theft Auto VI leakage Take-Two apparently didn’t like this and has since scrubbed the offending video from the internet.

That was always the natural conclusion of things, and now the ad isn’t even anywhere to be seen, published by Coffee Stain North. That being said, it wouldn’t be surprising if the studio already anticipated this happening and was looking for a way to get Goat simulator 3 some festive noise. I mean, we’re writing about it here because it suddenly became news, right? The game is now just over a month old, having been released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S back in November, but aside from the sickest of sick goats, there hasn’t been much buzz around it. In the past, the series has mentioned other games in its advertisements, such as Goat simulator 3the original announcement trailer which parodies the Dead Island 2 announcement trailer in June.

We’ve reached out to both Coffee Stain North and Take-Two for comment on the situation.

The Grand Theft Auto VI the leak happened back in September and was an unprecedented early look at one of the medium’s most anticipated games. Take-Two, however, were unfazed and adamant extracting as much as possible from the interneteven reaching lock responses on social media so people couldn’t share or discuss the leak on social channels. We’ve gone through all the leaked footage and collected some of the juicy bits for you to read right here.

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