Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp talks about reports of plans to sell the club

Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp talks about reports of plans to sell the club

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Klopp started with Liverpool in October 2015

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said he is committed to the English side regardless of the club’s ownership future.

And the owner, “Fenway Sports Group”, stated that it was looking for a new investment, but some reports claimed that it wanted to sell Liverpool completely.

The move has raised suspicion among some Liverpool fans who are worried about a possible turmoil at Anfield, amid questions about Jurgen Klopp’s future.

The Reds defeated Derby County on Wednesday in a penalty shootout match in the Carabao Cup.

Klopp spoke for the first time since news about the owner broke out on Monday, and said he was not going anywhere, and that the news had not affected his plans for the team.

“What I’ve read is that they are looking for an investment,” Klopp said. “It’s a good idea, that I like.”

“But this did not distract at all from the preparation. The players did not ask me, and for me it means nothing.”

Klopp added: “I have a wonderful relationship with FSG. I really like how things are going, but if they change, I am committed to the club and that has nothing to do with the people here.”

Klopp said any comparison with Chelsea, whose owners made major changes behind the scenes, which ultimately led to the sacking of coach Thomas Tuchel, was invalid.

“The situation is completely different. Chelsea had to be sold, because the owner was in trouble and the situation was urgent. We don’t have that case here.”

“It is important that we continue to work and plan while this action is taking place,” Klopp added.

“These things take time, and in the meantime we have to keep moving forward,” he said. “I will make sure that it is like that.”

Klopp confirmed, “At the moment nothing has happened. It is just news. No one had a heart attack and shouted ‘Oh my God’. Whatever happens, we will deal with it.”

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