Liverpool owners reveal the truth about the club being offered for sale

Liverpool owners reveal the truth about the club being offered for sale

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Fenway Sports Group, the parent company of Liverpool Football Club, confirmed that it is “fully committed to the success” of Liverpool, amid rumors about the club being put up for sale.

A news report on Monday said US-based Fenway Group had put the club up for sale and that investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were involved in the evaluation process.

Although the Fenway Group has admitted accepting new shareholders, it did not go so far as to say that the club is for sale entirely, according to British news agency BA Media.

The group said in a statement: “There have recently been several changes in ownership, and rumors have recently been raised about changes in the ownership of Premier League clubs, and therefore we are frequently asked questions about the ownership of Fenway Sports Group in Liverpool.”

“Fenway Sports Group has repeatedly received expressions of interest from third parties seeking to contribute to Liverpool.”

And she continued: “The Fenway Group has said before that it may consider the entry of new shareholders, under the correct terms and conditions, and if this is in the interest of Liverpool FC.”

“Fenway Sports Group remains fully committed to Liverpool’s success, both on and off the field,” the group said in a statement.

The Fenway Group, formerly called New England Sports Ventures, acquired Liverpool for 300 million pounds ($69.343 million) in 2010, after the club was on the brink of receivership due to management malfunction under Tom Hicks. and George Gillette, its previous owners.

The company “Forbes” currently values ​​the club at about 5.3 billion pounds, and the deal to buy the club appears more attractive to foreign investors now in light of the decline in the strength of the pound sterling.

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