Medisuggestion – The Environment friendly Mixture of Meditation and Autosuggestion

Medisuggestion – The Environment friendly Mixture of Meditation and Autosuggestion

Medisuggestion – The Environment friendly Mixture of Meditation and Autosuggestion

Medisuggestion – The Environment friendly Mixture of Meditation and Autosuggestion

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For many who know how you can use them, meditation and autosuggestion are environment friendly instruments for influencing the thoughts and physique. Though they’re totally different strategies that affect the unconscious, they’re partially overlapping. This text shall analyze the choice of mixing the 2 strategies in a way that can allow harnessing some great benefits of each strategies. This selection will probably be referred to beneath as medisuggestion.

meditation vs. Autosuggestion

The primary goal of meditation is soothing the soul. This goal is achieved by rest, closed eyes, regulated respiratory, an try and detach oneself from exterior stimuli and influences, avoidance of disturbing ideas and the will to achieve the “peaceable realm”. Some meditation strategies embrace the repeated self affirmation of a mantra, often a meaningless phrase that comprises syllables with no adverse connotations. Mediation has a suggestive affect on the physique and thoughts seeing that the person making use of this method needs consciously to realize peace and serenity whereas consciously and unconsciously detaching from mundane worries. The meditating particular person creates, over time, a form of conditioning geared toward reaching rest at any time when starting the meditation course of.

Whereas in meditation self suggestion is extra of an oblique and facet impact of the relief methodology, the self persuasion carried out within the means of autosuggestion is direct and supposed to generate a willful, directed and targeted affect on the unconscious. Autosuggestion is a device for attaining varied aims and never solely tranquility and internal serenity. Just like meditation, autosuggestion can also be comprised of the fixed repetition of sure phrases. Meditation has the benefit of being a nice and calm methodology during which time shouldn’t be urgent. Autosuggestion, alternatively, conveys the message extra quickly and instantly, however it lacks an organized methodology and supportive institution. Each meditation and autosuggestion are strategies that aren’t practiced persistently, whether or not on account of their monotonous nature, the truth that their outcomes are usually not instantly obvious, the truth that day by day pressures and troubles distract us from them and overtake our agenda, and whether or not as a result of simpler possibility of utilizing chemical sedatives.

Medisuggestion – Combining some great benefits of each strategies

Medisuggestion combines autosuggestion and the strategy of meditation. The idea could be very easy: as an alternative of whispering a meaningless and empty mantra throughout meditation, repeatedly whisper phrases of suggestive content material, reminiscent of: “I’m peaceable and calm, I’m peaceable and calm, I’m all the time peaceable and calm”. The message will slowly permeate into your unconscious and when you’re extra relaxed, so will probably be your physique, together with its autonomies.

Medisuggestion – The way it works

After we are tense and upset by a big problem that bothers us and interferes with our peace of thoughts, we could expertise signs resembling a slight emotional trauma, reminiscent of sleeplessness and recurring ideas of the identical problem, overrunning the on a regular basis routine and refusing to let up. The thoughts is overwhelmed by the problem in a way that will even intervene with our means to perform. Certainly, one can take a sedative, however such an possibility bears with it unwanted effects. It interferes with focus, causes drowsiness and will impair correct thought processes, to not point out habit and long run results to the mind.

After we are in a state of medisuggestion, always whispering phrases of self rest, we introduce a “new participant” into our thoughts. This participant, showing because the suggestive chant, slowly pushes apart the annoying ideas and takes over the thoughts of their stead, whereas conveying a message of peace and serenity to the physique and soul. The environment friendly suggestive impact is achieved in two manners: A. The direct auto suggestive message; B. The oblique methodology of meditation, ie every part surrounding us – the ambiance, the sense of serenity and the conditioning. The affect of this methodology will increase with follow. The “new participant” features energy and acquires power. As time goes by, these short-term worries and tensions that bothered us and which medisuggestion helped us eliminate, fade away and disappear. After we as soon as once more enter a state of stress and rigidity and we repeat the routine and acquainted phrases of rest we understand the temporal issues from a distinct perspective. The annoying and bothersome drawback appears to be short-term and fleeting as in comparison with that “participant” in our thoughts, who has gained expertise and confirmed itself.

Future Results

One other benefit of this methodology over meditation is in its means to organize us for an anticipated issue and nerve racking occasion, reminiscent of a charged encounter, anxious interview, tough take a look at, clarification dialogue, trial, medical process and the likes. Utilizing this methodology, we are able to convey a private message for the long run, reminiscent of: “Tomorrow, in the course of the interview, I will probably be calm and serene” by repetition. This methodology additionally supplies for different future options, reminiscent of: “I will probably be in focus” or “I will probably be assured”. This methodology will increase the extent of focus when “taking the take a look at”, in contrast to a sedative which could even odd focus ranges.


After finding out the strategy and rising accustomed to it, there is no such thing as a must implement it day by day, however relatively when it’s really essential, and 10-20 minutes are sufficient for it to work. The tactic is particularly efficient when it’s most wanted, ie when waking up at night time due to the annoying drawback. It’s at this stage, after we are neither asleep nor awake, that our unconscious is extra uncovered to suggestive influences, extra open to obtain them and extra successfully influenced by them.

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