Meta is ending support for original Quest headsets after less than 4 years

Meta is ending support for original Quest headsets after less than 4 years

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The original Oculus Quest will stop receiving new feature updates and lose access to the company’s existing social VR features, according to an email sent to a lot Mission users this week.

While Quest headset owners will still be able to use the device and all available apps, they will no longer be able to “create or join a party,” according to the email. Access to Meta’s Horizon Home features will also be discontinued on March 5, the company wrote. And while Meta will no longer “deliver new features” to Quest 1 users, the company says it will continue to provide “critical bug fixes and security fixes until 2024.”

The announcement comes after less than four years the initial launch of Quest as Meta’s (then Oculus) first wireless headset with full head and arm tracking with six degrees of freedom. That initial version of the Quest, which started at $400, was succeeded by the $300 Quest 2 in late 2020.

Mission 2 tens of millions of units are reported to have been sold although $100 price increase last year. This relative sales success means that many VR developers are increasingly targeting their games on the Quest 2’s Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset rather than the original Quest’s weaker Snapdragon 835. Meta’s announcement will not affect support for Quest 2 at this stage, nor for the recently released $1,500 Quest Pro.

The original announcement of Quest’s sunset comes less than a month after former Meta CTO John Carmack announced that he was leaving the company, which he said “works at half the efficiency that would make me happy.” Carmack was a major supporter of the original Quest within the Meta and booster of its single predecessor, the Oculus Gowhich he unlocked via update after termination in 2021

in keynote address in OctoberCarmack cautioned that developers shouldn’t design high-end apps for the Quest Pro before “crushing” it for the less powerful Quest 2. “The low-end system is going to be where all your real customers are,” he warned .

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