Metwally’s trip from the “clinic” to Belgium via “Aspire”

Metwally’s trip from the “clinic” to Belgium via “Aspire”

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Al-Ahly Club announced at the end of July of 2019, the inclusion of Mahmoud Metwally, the defender of the first football team, in the Ismaili club, in a deal that caused a sensation during that period.

Although Metwally’s contract with Al-Ismaili had only one year left and he was entitled to sign in January 2020, but Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, according to television statements to Amir Tawfiq, Al-Ahly’s contract manager, demanded direct negotiations with Al-Ismaili and agreed to give them 15 million pounds to join the player.

Many expected that Mahmoud Metwally will have a great deal with Al-Ahly and follow the path of Imad Al-Nahhas, especially as he is a strong, committed and fast defender who is good as a central defender, Libro and a defensive midfielder and can build the attack well from behind.

Metwally went through a long battle of injuries that spanned for 1141 days, starting from September 20, 2019 in the Super match, but he was patient and defiant until he recovered from the injuries and joined the list of Egypt’s team that is preparing to face Belgium in a friendly when Portuguese Rui Vitoria announced it on November 3, 2022, and we list a journey Al-Ahly defender during the next lines:

super hit

Metwally suffered from the fire of injuries that deprived the Egyptian football in many times from a defender with great potential, as Metwally suffered a torn hamstring muscle before two months had passed since he joined Al-Ahly, during the super match that was held at the Egyptian Army Stadium in Borg El Arab and was decided by the Red Genie 3. -2.

Metwally was absent for nearly 70 days, and after returning only a few days, he suffered a strain in the Samana muscle during his team’s match with Tanta in January 2020, after which he was absent for a few days.

Cruciate ligament

Destiny was not merciful to Mahmoud Metwally. Before he regained his full health and full brilliance, the cruciate ligament struck him harshly in the Aswan match in the 20th round of the league, which was held in August 2020 to prove the x-rays at the time of his injury to the cruciate ligament.

And the management of the red team ended all matters to perform a cruciate ligament surgery for the player, with doctor Ahmed Abdel Aziz, due to the difficulty of his travel to Egypt at the time due to the procedures of the Corona virus.

Al-Khatib’s visit

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Al-Ahly’s president, visited Mahmoud Metwally after he successfully performed the cruciate ligament surgery. Al-Khatib was accompanied on the visit by Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the team’s football director, and Ahmed Fathi, Al-Ahly’s right-back at the time.

Back to the stadiums

The absence of Mahmoud Metwally for a period of nearly 10 months raised some astonishment by the difficulty of the player’s return again, and a source said in exclusive statements by Laila Koura, that Mahmoud Metwally was injured at the end of August 2020 and the medical protocol applied in cruciate ligament injuries actually takes that period, Ammar Hamdi was injured In January and until now, he did not return to participate in the matches, except in the coming days after the end of the 10 months so that he would not suffer another injury.

He added, “Metwally returned to participate in the matches in June 2021, so he was not late at all, and he underwent a good rehabilitation program despite his operation in Egypt, but it is with a world-class doctor, Ahmed Abdel Aziz.”

Injury in the first match

With the player’s first friendly match in June 2021 against Egypt Insurance, he was injured and left the field. Al-Ahly’s doctor at the time said that he suffered from strain in the back muscle, which is normal for a player who does not participate in matches for about 10 months.


Metwally also suffered at the beginning of September 2021 from hamstring inflammation and missed it for a while before returning again to the rehabilitation programs and receiving injections to get rid of the roughness and recover from the injury and return to the stadiums in October of the same year.

new long absence

Mahmoud Metwally participated in the Tala’a El-Jaish match and left it due to muscle pain, before the x-rays proved that he had a torn anterior muscle.

The turning point

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly, agreed to the request of Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the director of football and the medical staff, in December 2021 for Mahmoud Metwally to travel to Doha with the team’s mission, which was going to face the African Super at the time, to present it to specialized doctors at the Qatari Aspetar Academy.

This was the turning point, as he underwent a rehabilitation program there and lasted for about two months until he returned to participate in Al-Ahly training directly with the touch on February 23, 2022, to end his journey with injuries.

Perseverance and defiance

Mahmoud Metwally, the Al-Ahly defender, suffered from injuries, not only with the red team, but since his presence in Ismaili, and with the player’s insistence and defiance, he returned more powerful with a coach who greatly improved his performance until he succeeded in presenting him in his position, which was behind his visa to join the national team camp from new.

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