Microsoft Flight Simulator Lar Fan, Sydney airports and Bendigo Get new screenshots; Myrtle Beach airport has been released

Third-party developers have revealed new assets for the upcoming add-ons to Microsoft Flight Simulator, while an airport has been released.

We are going to start with the LearAvia Lear Fan 2100 by Lionheart Creations. The software is being tested for release on the official marketplace. You can find it here.

Besides, if testing on Xbox goes well, it will be released on the console as well.

Image Source: Lionheart Creations.

We are going back and forth with Impulse Simulations, which released new screenshots of the initial design of assets from Canberra International Airport (YSCB) and Bendigo Airport (YBDG) in Australia.

The third gallery displays a new and unbanned project in the north of Australia.


Source of images: Impulse Simulations.


Featured. Simulations of Impulse.

New Project

Image Source: Impulse Simulations.

Last but not least, no limits Sky released Myrtle Beach International Airport (KMYR), in South Carolina.

There’s a bundle of two-and-a-half thousand dollars available on Simmarket, plus the amount of VAT it takes.

  • Airport on the ground with a precise description.
  • Custom Airport with inner space.
  • Custom textures with PBR and Normal are available.
  • 4k textures with PBR and Normal textures.
  • Parallax windows
  • Detailed Textures
  • Taxi signs and taxi lights are standard to date.
  • Dark brown textures with light and a special light.
  • Custom Aerial
  • Working ATC and ILS makes a difference.
  • New parking lots with last updating.
  • This is an optimization for performance.

Source: No Limits Sky!

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I’m curious about the effects of the multi-financing software, so check out our recent reviews at the airport: Buenos Aires, Montepulous International Airport, & the International Airport, & the frenzied Yulaport, & the obb airport, &-a- btw Airport,Chongqing, and &/or the /shanghai airport, and-mucho;, &-a-ff, d

The release of an impromptu performance test, courtesy of the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition, which was recently added by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Microsoft Flight Simulatoris currently available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox X|S. Since the release of the free 40th anniversary edition, there are quite a few things that have been announced recently.

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