Miguel Almiron .. From sarcasm to scoring explosion

Miguel Almiron .. From sarcasm to scoring explosion

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The Paraguayan star Miguel Almiron, the Newcastle United player, is one of the most prominent names that have emerged this season in the English Premier League.

Almiron’s talent exploded at the beginning of the current season, leading Newcastle to third place in the Premier League table with 27 points.

The sudden change in the personality and performance of the 28-year-old came after 3 previous seasons he spent in the English Premier League, during which he scored only 9 goals.

Almiron joined the ranks of Newcastle United in the winter transfers of 2019, coming from the United States of America, specifically from the American team Atlanta United.

The Paraguayan star suffered last season with the Newcastle team, which was threatened with relegation to the “Championship”, where he participated in 31 games in all competitions with the team, during which he scored one goal and did not make any goals.

Almiron’s performance last season made him mocked by Manchester City’s Jack Grealish, during the Celestial Club’s celebrations of winning the Premier League title.

Grealish appeared in a video clip with his teammate Bernardo Silva, who asked him why Manchester City won the last league match that decided the title in favor of the Citizens, to mock the replacement of Riyad Mahrez and Bernardo Silva.

Grealish said during his celebration: “There is Sran Haman, the first is Riyad Mahrez out of the field as quickly as possible, where he played like Almiron, and the second is Silva, he has been very good this season .. Come on, let him get off the field.”

The England star’s comparison of his colleague, Riyad Mahrez, to Almiron’s poor performance last season, angered the Newcastle United fans, who continued to attack the player, who had not played a prominent role with City since his arrival from Aston Villa in a record deal of 100 million pounds.

When looking at Manchester City player Jack Grealish, he is always on the bench in light of the glow of the Norwegian star Erling Haaland in addition to Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva, as Grealish did not participate mainly with Pep Guardiola this season, and his participation was mostly as a substitute, where he played 17 games In all competitions this season with City, he scored one goal and did not make any goals.

Grealish’s irony may be the spark that made Almiron glow during this season and explode in scoring compared to the previous 3 seasons in the English Premier League, where he participated in 14 games in all competitions this season with Newcastle, during which he scored 8 goals so far.

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