Moammen Suleiman: Ahmed Fatouh is the most qualified player for professionalism… Al Jaziri is better than Samson

Moammen Suleiman: Ahmed Fatouh is the most qualified player for professionalism… Al Jaziri is better than Samson

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Moammen Suleiman, the coach of the Iraqi police team, confirmed that Zamalek’s crisis is always in such moments when they lose or draw, even though the Egyptian League has played only a third of the matches so far.

He said in televised statements: “Zamalek have only played a third of the league and there are crises besieging the team that won two championships twice in a row, and the stability of the white team had to be preserved at the moment.” “

He added: “Al-Ahly have been exposed to such crises and two weeks ago they were attacked after the last draws, and the attack on Zamalek players is unacceptable. Ahmed Fatouh is one of the respected players and he is a great talent and a candidate for external professionalism.”

And Moammen continued: “Fatouh is one of the most qualified players for outside professionalism and Ferreira’s post-match statement regarding him is very clever and there are exceptions that are made, whether due to injuries or fatigue, and they are not announced by coaches.”

He added: “I watched the match between Zamalek and the Ministry of Interior. There are outstanding players, led by Ahmed Syed Zizou and Imam Ashour, and there are players who participated and performed at a good level recently. Now there may be paths, but amid pressure, the coach changes formation.”

And he added: “Some players did not turn out well in front of the Home Office and Ferreira’s decisions to push the youngsters constantly should be praised and the pressure period of the matches is attended by the largest number of players. “

On his assessment of Samson Ikinola’s level, he said: “Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri is better than him and it is too early to judge him overall, but he was not good in front of the Ministry of Interior. I can judge him once and for all.”

He continued: “Seif Al-Jaziri has more experience than Samsun and Zamalek get to the goal a lot so he needs a striker who is able to score continuously and Zamalek need a better striker so that I see that Al-Jaziri has the right to play continuously with Al-Ahly.”

He concluded: “The situation was stable in Zamalek a few days ago when he was leading and now the situation has turned around after Al-Ahly topped the championship and that is the joy of football and the connection with the Ministry of Interior was a big surprise for everyone.”

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