Mortada Mansour: I advise Kahraba not to ignore the sanctions

Mortada Mansour: I advise Kahraba not to ignore the sanctions

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Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, has advised Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba”, the current player of Al-Ahly, not to ignore the sanctions imposed on him by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), stressing his support for young referees.

Mortada Mansour said in statements to Zamalek TV: “I congratulate Hossam Hassan, Al-Masri’s coach, for what he presents to the group of players who are with him.”

He added sarcastically: “Sayed Abdel Hafeez was right when he wanted to attack the referee in the Al-Masri match because the referee should not give the final whistle until Al-Ahly scores a goal.”

He continued: “I support relying on young referees because corruption has not infected them, including the match referee Al-Ahly and Al-Masri.”

And he continued: “The difference between Al-Ahly and Zamalek is 6 points, which is the same number of points available in the two games between the two teams. We just hope that the magic and sorcery will get away from us.”

And he added: “The arbitration did not cause Al-Ahly to stumble, unlike what happened with Zamalek, especially in the last 3 games.”

And he continued: “Today the anti-doping commission came to the Zamalek club and took samples from the players naturally. We are not hiding anyone. Ahmed Fatuh is preparing to participate with the team in the next match against the Pyramids.”

And he continued: “I advise Kahraba for the sake of God. If you are punished again and do not respect the court’s decision, you will face severe consequences.”

And he concluded: “I advise Kahraba to come with his family to the club to shoot a 3-minute video to expose the person who incited him to flee Zamalek, then I will agree to the fine in installments.”

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