Mortada Mansour talks about.. honoring Ferreira.. Osama Nabih’s request..

Mortada Mansour talks about.. honoring Ferreira.. Osama Nabih’s request..

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Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek’s board of directors, praised his team’s former Portuguese coach Josevaldo Ferreira.

Mortada Mansour announced yesterday evening, Tuesday, that he has thanked Portuguese Gesualdo Ferreira and appointed Osama Nabih as technical director to succeed him, for more details. Press here

Mortada Mansour said during an intervention on his club’s satellite channel early this morning, Wednesday: “I was surprised by the presence of the great Zamalek fans who stand behind their team despite the defeat in the last round against Al-Ahly and Ferrera is a very respected coach , but this is not Ferrera. There is something abnormal that starts with an error and then corrects itself. in control, but after the death of his wife’s son, but this is not Ferrera.

The Zamalek side were beaten by a double against their counterpart Ghazl El Mahalla during the match that brought them together yesterday evening in the league competitions.

And the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zamalek club continued: “Osama Nabih resigned 4 times and I would bring him back and he was saying that he has no role and Ferrera is a great, great coach and people can rest after his departure and there was vote on the continuation of Ferreira We were nine to a man with the departure of Ferreira and the formation of the technical staff and we made the decision after discussion For a long time it was difficult for us to be a man with his history and Ferreira is a respected coach and a ceremony will be held in his honor.

Mortada Mansour continued: “Ossama Nabih wants to include Ahmed Abdel-Maqsood in his technical staff and we were providing (Laban Al-Asfour) for Ferrera and Mohamed Sabri is back in his place in the youth sector and there are contacts between Osama Nabih and Mahmoud Fayez and I don’t know his excuse. Osama is responsible for the formation of his apparatus and we will meet at one o’clock on Thursday afternoon with the apparatus. technician”.

And Zamalek’s president sent strong messages to his team’s players, saying: “A player who doesn’t want Zamalek, regardless of its name, should attend a show and leave. Any player who thinks he is an employee of the club will be held accountable .. You get millions to make millions happy. I say to the players: You complained about not playing in your positions. Osama Nabih understands.” This.. There is no player who doesn’t participate in his position nor does a player sit while he gets “rusty” like Abdullah Gomaa and Mohamed Sobhi.. and Mohamed Awad is one of the best goalkeepers in Egypt but when he sees that Sobhi can participate at any time, he will make me think 100 times and the player who (will be) will I not stop him, but I will deduct from him so that he fears God in what he gets, and any player who will stay up late or be reckless I gave instructions to Ismail Youssef and Amir Mortada and the player who does not like discipline let him attend an offer for me .. This is the thought of Osama Nabih and Amir Mortada.

Mortada Mansour concluded his statements by saying: “Mahmoud Alaa will come back with the (rape) for Mohamed Moselhi and I will complain to the International Federation. The issue is not (fituna). There are talks about the players in defense, midfield, and attack, and among them was a foreign deal that was offered at 500 thousand dollars after talking. The president of the club wanted 2 million dollars to sell him to us and we negotiated with Ibuka but Ceramica wanted 40 million pounds and Marwan Attia signed with me and he was (not liked by anyone) nobody knew him but when the pages were published Muhammad Moselhi said 25 million when it was 12 million.

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