Novo Nordisk Statement to 60 Minutes

Novo Nordisk Statement to 60 Minutes

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Promising new weight loss drug in short supply and often not covered by insurance | 60 minutes

1:24 p.m

In advance of the January 1, 2023 broadcast of 60 Minutes, which featured correspondent Leslie Stahl’s story on obesity, we contacted Novo Nordisk, the maker of Wegovy and Ozempic, about the recent drug shortage.

The company told 60 Minutes the following:


The 1 mg and 2 mg doses of Ozempic are now available to patients in the US. We are currently experiencing intermittent supply disruptions for the Ozempic pen that delivers 0.25mg and 0.5mg doses due to the combination of incredible demand coupled with general global supply constraints. While the product continues to be manufactured and shipped, patients in some areas of the country will experience a delay with these doses. Anyone interested in continuity of care should contact their healthcare provider.


“Novo Nordisk is pleased to announce that all metered doses of Wegovy are now available at retail pharmacies nationwide. However, pharmacies may experience normal delays given the time it takes to order the product from their local distribution center and geographic differences. Wegovy represents significant innovation in the treatment of obesity. While manufacturing continues, overall demand for this drug is still uncertain and will continue to be evaluated. Maintaining a stable supply is a priority. We will closely monitor prescribing trends and phase in promotional efforts as we assess demand. We take our responsibility to meet the needs of people living with obesity very seriously and have taken significant steps to minimize disruption in the future. We remain committed to driving meaningful change for people living with overweight or obesity and supporting the healthcare providers who partner in their care. “

You can watch Leslie Stahl’s full report in the video above.

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