Ocasio to What Al-Awadi did made me feel proud… and what is happening in Al-Ahly is the secret of success

Ocasio to What Al-Awadi did made me feel proud… and what is happening in Al-Ahly is the secret of success

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Karina Ocasio, the star of the Puerto Rican national team and a player for the first volleyball team in Al-Ahly Club, spoke about joining the Red Castle and her aspirations with the team next season.

Al-Ahly club had announced earlier that it had signed Karina Ocasio to support the women’s volleyball team next season.

Ocasio said in exclusive statements to El-Ahly.comAl-Ahly club negotiations began with me in the middle of last September, it took me some time, but in the end I signed my contracts to join the team.

And she continued, “The travel of Khaled Al-Awadi, director of sports activities in Al-Ahly Club, to the Netherlands, while I was with my country’s national team, to participate in the World Championship, in order to sign with me and get to know me. It was a wonderful thing for me and made me feel proud.”

And she continued, “The presence of Walter Hodge with the Al-Ahly basketball team, and my friend Diana Rice with me in the same team made me adapt faster to the atmosphere in Egypt, because they are like my brother and sister from Puerto Rico.”

She added: “Al-Ahly club is a good team for sure, and the atmosphere inside the team is great, everyone welcomed me very much and was nice to me and Diana, we coexist really well, and this is important to be successful as a team.”

Ocasio added: “My agent told me that Al-Ahly club is the best in Africa and Egypt, and in general, volleyball in Egypt is good and has a good level of competition.”

Karina concluded her speech: “My goal with Al-Ahly club is my goal in general, which never changes, which is to win every match and win all the championships in which the team participates. If this is not your goal when you sign with any team, then there is a mistake in your mentality. For the fans of the club, I know that their number is large, and I hope that they will be behind the team as usual and support us in every match.”

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