Power Therapeutic – Transformational Power Therapeutic

Power Therapeutic – Transformational Power Therapeutic

Power Therapeutic – Transformational Power Therapeutic

Power Therapeutic – Transformational Power Therapeutic

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Transformational Power Therapeutic blends conventional Usui Ryoho Reiki, Sound, Angelic Mild Weaving, and using crystals and gems into one therapeutic modality.

Hiya, my title is Terrie Marie. I’m an Angelic Realm channel, related to and speaking with Angels each day. As a conduit, a channel for thee Angelic Realm, I share thee Angels vitality and intuitively acquired messages for all who search a greater approach alongside the journey known as life.

In 1989 I found a ebook “The Religious Worth of Gem Stones” by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lorena Huett (1980). Enthusiastic about discovering the facility and vitality of various crystals, I taught myself to channel vitality in by way of my left hand and out my proper hand. For the following 20 years I might apply channeling vitality with household and associates relieving ache and struggling. I acquired my Reiki Grasp / Trainer Attunement in 2006. In 2009, I used to be attuned as an Angelic Mild Weaving Grasp Trainer by Archangel Raphael, with Golden Angelic Mild.

Transformational Power Therapeutic is a symphony of Reiki, sound, Crystals and gems, reducing cords and Angelic Mild Weaving. Spiritually guided life-force vitality enters my Crown Chakra flowing by way of my bodily physique and out by way of my arms. Conventional Usui Ryoho Reiki is the laying-on of arms, an vitality therapeutic modality which detoxes the inner-Self and the bodily physique.

Sound is an integral a part of vitality work offering focus for the aware thoughts permitting ideas and feelings in addition to the bodily physique to calm down. Because the aware thoughts relaxes, the physique releases stress. Thoughts and physique calm down into delicate meditative music turning into open and receptive to Divine Supply Power flowing all through the bodily physique and into the Auric vitality area.

Crystals and gems improve the general vitality therapeutic expertise. Crystals and gems have their very own distinctive vibrational signature resonating to particular vitality frequencies. Every vibrational frequency or vitality signature assists in dispelling unfavorable vitality, selling therapeutic from inside re-aligning physique, thoughts and Soul.

Attachments extra generally known as etheric vitality cords or just cords, are reduce throughout vitality therapeutic. Chopping negatively hooked up cords are important to total well-being. Unfavorable vitality cords drain constructive vitality from the bodily physique and Auric Power Discipline. When reducing cords, it isn’t doable to chop solely unfavorable vitality cords. It is very important word that every one constructive vitality cords comparable to constructive attachments to household and associates, mechanically re-attach. Solely unfavorable vitality cords stay indifferent.

Angelic Mild Weaving works in and thru the Auric Power Discipline or delicate vitality our bodies, aligning corresponding Chakra vitality facilities throughout the bodily physique, radiating outward from the bodily physique into the psychological, emotional, non secular and Etheric vitality our bodies. Golden threads of Rainbow Mild are gently woven in, round and thru your Auric Power Discipline; above, under and inside your bodily physique, emotional and non secular vitality fields. Angelic Mild Weaving seeks to calm, cleanse and steadiness the delicate vitality our bodies, harmonizing the Auric Power Discipline with the bodily physique.

Transformational Power Therapeutic begins with the shopper laying face up on a flat floor. The ground, mattress or eating room desk will work simply in addition to a therapeutic massage desk. After the practitioner grounds, the shopper’s Aura is gently swept from head to toe cleaning away any outer unfavorable vitality particles. The Aura could also be swept with feathers or the arms. Kyanite is positioned on the shopper’s torso to dispel unfavorable vitality because it is dropped at the floor from inside through the vitality therapeutic. Reiki vitality starting with the pinnacle is given, persevering with down the size of the physique to the ft. The shopper’s Aura is then cleansed with Angelic Mild Weaving. Etheric cords are reduce utilizing a Selenite crystal wand or sacred knife. Crystals and gems are used to chop any remaining unfavorable etheric cords, cleaning and balancing the bodily physique and Auric Power Discipline, and for calming the inner-Self with the outer bodily physique, unifying physique, thoughts and Soul.

The advantages of receiving a Transformational Power Therapeutic are leisure and stress discount, calming the nervous system, releasing negatively charged or saved vitality, quieting thoughts chatter, making a peaceable state of serenity. The human physique is its personal pure healer. Transformational Power Therapeutic will not be meant to interchange correct Medical Care or Recommendation; it’s another therapeutic modality whose intention is to advertise a way of total well-being, aiding the physique’s personal pure therapeutic course of.

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