Primitive Caribbean Parchments – Keys to Discovering Atlantis!

Primitive Caribbean Parchments – Keys to Discovering Atlantis!

Primitive Caribbean Parchments – Keys to Discovering Atlantis!

Primitive Caribbean Parchments – Keys to Discovering Atlantis!

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Archeologists posit that the earth has undergone many severe cataclysmic occasions. Some etchings and parchments survived. Most are undeciphered. Archeologists insist in calling a few of these parchments PRIMITIVE ART. Although civilizations of yesteryear assigned the writing of esoteric or ceremonial knowledge to particular initiates of their priestly class–usually essentially the most realized, evidenced by their intricate information of astronomy and writing–educators nonetheless name these writings PRIMITIVE ART TO THIS DAY.

Had Jean-Fran├žois Champollion not deciphered the writings on the Rosetta Stone in 1799, the treasures of historic Egypt and the monuments of Egypt may have been labeled as mysteries and no-one would consider that ancestors of North Africans constructed the Pyramids. There may be extra. These ancestors apparently additionally constructed the earliest storerooms of information: the Grand Lodges Of Luxor, Thebes, Timbuktu, and Waat. Consider the quantity of pre-cataclysmic information pent up in what we name “primitive artwork” -ancient hieroglyphic that survived the final nice continental disaster.


Archeological proof lends itself to the speculation that the Caribbean islands are remnant lots of a a lot bigger former landmass or landmasses. For the previous 10 years, I’ve been evaluating strata kind the south-eastern tip of Antigua to that of the north-western portion of Guadeloupe. Not solely does the topography from the closest factors of each islands match, however the strata bear witness that each islands had been linked a while within the distant previous. Whereas Guadeloupe has an unlimited array of rock writings–ancient signposts and ceremonial maps–etched in non-perishable igneous stone, its neighbor Antigua is dwelling to ceremonial and astronomical websites that appear to have been utilized by inhabitants in the course of the Stella and Lunar Mythos .

Since Antigua is volcanic from the south-eastern via to the south-western corridors, the porous limestone in each the center and north of the island don’t protect rock etchings properly. Nonetheless, there isn’t a mistake on the subject of essentially the most sacred carvings: One-Eyed Horus, Olmec head, and full reproductive middle with its “Earth-Mom” and “Phallic Image,” all exactly lined up with peaks–identical in peak and width to the three important Pyramids of Giza: Khufu, Khafra, and Menkara.


I’ll listing proof that exists worldwide, pointing to beings that lived on earth earlier than us. From that proof, deductions could be made about ancients that both had related or extra superior information than us. I’ll listing the proof in 4 elements: the non-natural buildings that survived; their scientific drawings (those who require a excessive diploma of arithmetic), their astronomical aspect work, and their documented writings.


Pyramids dot our earthen panorama. All of them are ingenious structures–most are exactly designed and constructed. Probably the most well-known are these of Khufu, Khafra and Menkara in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. Others exist in South America and Africa. The query begs: if the ancestors of Africans and South People constructed pyramids, why can we assume that primitive individuals all the time inhabited their lands? We ought to be asking different questions: A) what brought on that early set to go away and B) what brought on the disparity between the early peoples and their followers. Higher but: what brought on the disparity between each peoples?


To imagine that the Nazca Traces within the Peruvian Desert had been by chance drawn, one must redefine all printed descriptions of the time period: ACCIDENTAL. That prime arid area of greater than 80km between Nazca and the Pampas de Jumana’s city of Palpa homes the world’s greatest storeroom of out of doors artwork: hummingbirds, monkeys, fish, sharks, lizards and spiders– meticulously carved in stone. Additionally, the carvings are geometrically congruent. Some carved areas trace that they’re remnants of water programs. No matter they had been, they had been constructed by a civilization that had entry to superior mathematical computations.


Whether or not you draw imaginary traces from the Pyramids of Central America to the world’s present power facilities, or whether or not you utilize the traditional grid traces printed on most historic maps, Antigua/Barbuda is smack within the middle of these excessive factors. Because the ancients chosen landmasses that had been central to their lunar and stellar observations, and since Antigua bears witness to historic Stellar and Lunar Mythos’ observatories, the shards and ceremonial depictions from that interval ought to maintain severe archeological significance.

One former ceremonial website from the Stellar Mythos (initiates had been apparently buried in a fetal place going through the Pole Star) the Phallic Stone is just too completely carved to be unintended. If you examine how one of many world’s largest pure formations of “Earth Mom” match Columbus’ try to protect the natives holiest shrine by immortalizing her identify in Spanish: SANTA MARIA DE LA ANTIGUA, then this query should be requested. If the individuals who left written shards confirmed Columbus a brief reduce to Spain, knew Astronomy, buried their lifeless, held their most sacred ceremonies on the Vernal Equinox (on an island that has an historic Stellar observatory), should not their undeciphered writings be vital?


One river of human growth is funded by researchers and scientists allegedly severe about discovering hyperlinks from historic peoples. That river is well-funded. The opposite river: from my previous experiences, must you reveal any proof to recommend that the civilizations might need had any information superior to what we possess, your funding simply would possibly stop. Case and level: little or no is finished immediately to measure the soil in Nazca to see if historic aqueducts channeled water from the plateau to the traditional Peruvian farms.

Vimanas’ Drawings from Historical India depicting aerodynamically viable machines that fly whenever you create fashions immediately from those self same designs are thought to be sidebars to historical past. The archeological findings from Guadeloupe and Antigua are trapped between totally different rivers: on Guadeloupe French is the native language; on Antigua/Barbuda, the language is English. It simply could be that the totally different land lots, totally different languages, totally different governmental authorities and totally different classifications are the hindrances that stem the circulation of information right into a ahead path.

Three years in the past I visited Von Daniken’s museum in Switzerland, earlier than any discuss of financial collapse hit the headline information. I left very depressed when park attendants instructed me the place was up on the market. Although Von Daniken was one heck of a pioneer who impressed me as a child to enterprise into archeology, to me he made the identical mistake that befalls numberless researchers. They had been too anxious for conclusions. Typically one individual’s job is to search out and doc knowledge. Different instances it’s for others so as to add what they’ve discovered to cement or debunk your speculation. To imagine that the complete burden of discovering, documenting, and discovering all of the solutions lie with one individual is a bit heavy for the dimensions named ASSUMPTION.

If the writers of two of the world’s holiest books-The Torah and the Bible penned prophecies about remnant peoples in particular remnant lots (Genesis 10:4-6 and Isaiah11:11) and since one piece of former primitive parchment known as “Rosetta Stone” brought on so many revelations years in the past, then the writings from the dad and mom of the remnant peoples ought to maintain severe relevance to those that navigate the rivers of historical past in pursuit of truth–in my opinion. In accordance with the data of Solon–ancient Athenian priest, Atlantis was accessible by crusing west and south from the Mediterranean Sea. I’d welcome your feedback.

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