Qatar-UAE match date and its broadcast channels in Gulf Cup Qualifiers

Qatar-UAE match date and its broadcast channels in Gulf Cup Qualifiers

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Today we learn about the Qatar-UAE match date and broadcast channels as the Iraqi city of Basra is hosting the new edition of the Arabian Gulf Cup 2023 as these matches are expected to witness a very exciting and enthusiastic atmosphere from gulf league players and fans in most gulf teams early this year.

Arabian Gulf Cup “Gulf 25”

  • These matches feature 8 teams divided into two groups and each group having 4 teams where these teams compete against each other to reach the Gulf 25 semi-finals and then reach the final and win the cup.
  • It is worth noting that the national team of Kuwait is one of the champions of these matches and the most victorious in history, and the national team of Bahrain has won the Gulf Cup in recent years, defeating Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and others.

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Qatar-UAE match date and operator channels

The Qatar-UAE match will be held in the group stage of “Group B” next Friday corresponding to 13 January 2023 at 6am Qatar time and 7am UAE time and the match will be held at Port Olympic Stadium.

Channels broadcasting matches of the Arabian Gulf Cup “Gulf 25”

There are a number of satellite channels that have been awarded the rights to broadcast the 25 matches of the 2023 Arabian Gulf Cup, the most prominent of these channels being the following:

  • Iraqi sports channel.
  • BN Sports channel.
  • Cup channel network.
  • Kuwait sports channel.
  • Oman sports channel.
  • Bahrain sports channel.
  • Saudi network of sports channels.

The final date for the Gulf Cup 25

  • Match: Gulf Cup Final 25.
  • When: Thursday 19 January 2023, 19:00 Basra time.
  • Stadium: Basra International Stadium.

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Qatar-UAE match date and its broadcast channels in Gulf Cup Qualifiers

Most teams have won the Arabian Gulf Cup in recent years

The Kuwait national team is considered the leading and winningest team in the Gulf Cup matches in the coming years with 10 titles, followed by the Saudi Arabian national team, then the Qatar national team, then Iraq with three championships, after it Emirates, followed by the national team of Oman with two titles, while the national team of Bahrain has won the cup once.

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