Renewable Vitality Potential and Disinformation

Renewable Vitality Potential and Disinformation

Renewable Vitality Potential and Disinformation

Renewable Vitality Potential and Disinformation

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Are you confused about our power disaster? It is no surprise, given the quantity of disinformation that’s being pedaled by Republicans and people with a vested curiosity in oil, coal and nuclear power. What they need you to consider is that photo voltaic and wind can’t change our present power sources. John McCain repeated these lies in his latest debate with Barack Obama. Their calls of drill child drill are absurd and deceptive. For instance, the quantity of oil reserves estimated to exist off California’s coast are 10 billion barrels. The U.S. consumes about 7.5 billion barrels per yr. So what they’re advocating is risking the long run well being of the coastal ecosystem, in trade for about 16 months price of oil.

Republicans have been taking Senator Pelosi to process for not mentioning a vote, on offshore drilling. In the meantime, Republicans have voted towards renewing the tax credit for photo voltaic and wind eight occasions this yr. Discuss shortsightedness! As T. Boone Pickens says, whether or not we drill or not, “this argument misses the purpose.” It is a band-aid at finest. The U.S. solely has 3% of the world’s oil provide. We eat 25% of the provision.

What is required is long run power options. Here’s what they do not need you to know. Utilizing lower than 1% of our southwest desert lands, solar energy crops may energy the entire nation. That is an space 92 miles by 92 miles, an space which is lower than the land now used for coal mining. The January 08 subject of Scientific American featured an article referred to as “A Photo voltaic Grand Plan”, a proposal, (which you’ll learn on-line) to do exactly that. Their proposal would create a 69% photo voltaic powered grid by 2050.

You possibly can learn it on-line at Scientific American web site

It proposes constructing photo voltaic thermal and concentrating photovoltaic energy crops, in our southwestern deserts, and a community of excessive voltage DC transmission strains to distribute the facility to different elements of the nation. This HVDC distribution system is similar factor that T Boone Pickens is recommending to maneuver wind generated energy from Texas, and from windfarms within the midwest, to the remainder of the nation. It will have the additional advantage of beefing up the grid, one thing that’s wanted anyway.

Present pondering is that photo voltaic thermal needs to be emphasised greater than the concentrating photovoltaic crops that the SciAm article emphasizes.

There isn’t any scarcity of excellent concepts on the market. At, one can find one other plan referred to as “A Blueprint for U.S. Vitality Safety”.

This plan exhibits how we are able to obtain power safety and meet the targets of lowering the specter of world warming, utilizing present know-how to get began. As we construct, the know-how will enhance and the prices will enhance.

One factor this plan requires is plug in hybrid automobiles, (PHEV) which might obtain an total 100 mpg for the typical driver. Most individuals drive lower than 40 miles a day, cummuting and so forth. With present battery know-how you’ll use no gasoline for the primary 40 miles in a PHEV. Most individuals would recharge at night time when demand is low by plugging right into a 120 volt outlet, utilizing about $1 price of electrical energy to recharge. Because the grid will get cleaner, the environmental advantages will enhance. Plug in Companions has good data on PHEVs, together with value advantages.

from their website:

“A motorist driving 9,000 annual gasoline-free miles and three,000 utilizing gasoline would get 100 mpg (primarily based on automobiles that get 25 mpg).

PHEVs outfitted with a battery pack offering a 40-mile electrical vary may energy, utilizing the all-electric mode, greater than 60% of the overall annual miles traveled by the typical American driver.

A 2004 research by the Electrical Energy Analysis Institute (EPRI) discovered that plug-in hybrids can obtain life cycle prices parity with typical gasoline automobiles – which means that over the lifetime of the automobile the fee shall be equal or much less regardless of the preliminary increased value. The research calculated gasoline value as $1.75/gallon.”

As soon as the grid is clear power, it might energy a lot of our transportation as nicely. At that time, electrical automobiles will make good sense and we could have had extra time, to good the know-how. If you happen to research these two plans, you will note that they’ve a lot in frequent. By combining the perfect concepts of those and different comparable plans, we are able to get the job achieved.

One other power plan that additionally has a lot in frequent with these are at:

These in energy need you to consider that these options shall be too costly. Nothing could possibly be farther from the reality. For instance, the photo voltaic proposal printed by SciAm requires spending about $400 billion in public cash, over a interval of about 40 years. That is much less public cash, than we spent to construct the excessive pace data freeway over the past 35 years. And that’s about how a lot we give to grease firms, within the type of tax credit and subsidies, each 5 years. So by spending about 1/8 of what we now disclose to oil firms, we may energy your complete nation with photo voltaic power within the southwest.

As additional proof that we’re misinformed, most Individuals in all probability have not even heard of photo voltaic thermal power. Photo voltaic thermal energy crops use the warmth from the solar to generate electrical energy, often by boiling water to drive a steam turbine generator. That is so low tech that we may have achieved it 100 years in the past. If you happen to can construct parabolic mirrors or Fresnel lenses to pay attention daylight, and when you can construct a steam pushed electrical generator, you’ll be able to construct a photo voltaic thermal energy plant. In reality some designs use flat mirrors. Photo voltaic thermal crops can generate electrical energy at night time or throughout cloudy intervals by storing warmth. One methodology makes use of molten salts, that are glorious at retaining warmth. Their energy output can stay regular when clouds go by. The dimensions of those crops is within the a whole lot of megawatts. Two crops proposed for the Mojave Desert are for as much as 800 and 900 megawatts every.

One gigawatt equals 1000 megawatts. One gigawatt would energy San Francisco or about 770,000 houses.

A wonderful article on photo voltaic thermal and it is advantages is at:

“The important thing attribute of CSP is that it generates major power within the type of warmth, which might be saved 20 to 100 occasions extra cheaply than electrical energy — and with far larger effectivity”

“I do not consider any set of applied sciences shall be extra vital to the local weather combat than concentrated solar energy (CSP)…..It’s the finest supply of fresh power to exchange coal and maintain financial improvement. I wager that it’ll ship extra energy yearly this century than coal with carbon seize and storage – for a lot much less cash and with far much less environmental harm.”

The daylight might be intensified 1000 fold with concentrating photo voltaic.

They do want intense daylight to be value efficient, therefore the emphasis on the southwest. With 1% of the Sahara Desert, you might energy the entire world with present know-how. 3% of Morroco would energy all of Europe. Inexperienced Wombat’s web site has many articles on solar energy crops being constructed or on the drawing boards in California and Arizona. The three energy firms in California have already signed on for about 3 gigawatts of solar energy crops. About 2 gigawatts of that is photo voltaic thermal. It is just the start.

Concentrating PV or photovoltaic crops use comparable parabolic mirrors, fresnel lenses and so forth. to pay attention daylight on photovoltaic photo voltaic cells or panels. Specialised photo voltaic cells that may make the most of the elevated gentle are used.

“I might put my cash on the solar & photo voltaic power. What a supply of energy! I hope we do not have to attend till oil and coal run out earlier than we sort out that.”

Thomas Edison, 1931

Republicans preserve pushing nuclear power, claiming it’s a easy answer and good for the surroundings. I do not rule out nuclear energy altogether, however it has quite a few issues, and isn’t as inexperienced because it’s promoters declare.

One among nuclear’s largest issues is water. It takes billions of gallons to chill a single reactor. We’re already seeing one potential issues with this. A reactor in Alabama needed to be briefly shut down final summer season throughout a drought in that area. How dependable will the sources of cooling water be in a altering local weather?

“An Related Press evaluation of the nation’s 104 nuclear reactors discovered that 24 are in areas experiencing essentially the most extreme ranges of drought. All however two are constructed on the shores of lakes and rivers and depend on submerged consumption pipes to attract billions of gallons of water to be used in cooling and condensing steam after it has turned the crops’ generators.”

Each nuclear energy plant would require about $500 million to dismantle it, when it has outlived it is helpful life. This provides to the nuclear waste disposal drawback.

Each nuclear reactor represents about $200 million for it is share of Yucca Mt. in Nevada, to get rid of the waste.

Nuclear energy would not give us power independence. We import 65% of our oil and 90% of our uranium. And now Russia is being lined up as a future supply of 20% of our uranium.

“America and Russia signed a deal that can enhance Russian uranium imports to provide the U.S. nuclear trade, the Commerce Division mentioned Friday….”

“The brand new settlement permits Russia to provide 20 p.c of US reactor gas till 2020 and to provide the gas for brand new reactors quota-free.”

“So if, underneath a President McCain, we construct a bunch of latest nuclear reactors — they could possibly be fueled one hundred pc by Russia.”

“I can nearly hear Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin saying, “Glorious.”

Nuclear energy just isn’t secure. In keeping with Argonne Nationwide Laboratory, an airliner crashing right into a nuclear energy plant may trigger a whole meltdown, even when the containment constructing is not compromised. Assume the dual towers catastrophe was unhealthy?

The extra nuclear reactors are construct everywhere in the world, the extra fissionable materials there shall be, which might be stolen by terrorists and used towards us. Simply take a look at the priority over Iran’s nuclear program. What number of occasions might this sort of situation be performed out if nuclear power proliferates everywhere in the world?

The transportation of radioactive waste from everywhere in the nation to Yucca Mt. is doubtlessly harmful, in addition to costly.

“In the US, present surcharges on nuclear energy are too low to cowl anticipated disposal prices. As well as, the US authorities foolishly absorbed all danger for an on-time opening of a repository for business nuclear waste — regardless of longstanding technical and political challenges related to making this occur.” from

There isn’t any accountability with nuclear energy. The Value-Anderson Act locations a lot of the legal responsibility for nuclear accidents on the backs of taxpayers, not the nuclear energy trade.

A nuclear energy plant prices about $4,000 per kilowatt hour to construct, in contrast with $1,400 per KWH for wind power.

Wind and photo voltaic are a lot faster to rise up and operating than nuclear or coal. And each can begin producing energy earlier than giant wind or photo voltaic farms are accomplished, as a result of they’re modular in design.

Nuclear power is closely subsidised, like coal, gasoline, and oil. Estimates are 4-8 cents per KWH

If you wish to know extra, learn “The Lean Information to Nuclear Vitality” pdf on-line. It is an actual eye opener.


from “The Lean Information to Nuclear Vitality” -which takes aside the argument for nuclear power piece by piece. After studying this you’ll perceive, that what you might have been advised about nuclear power up to now, is totally deceptive. It’s not a long run answer, in any means form or kind. It’s inherently unsustainable. Unsustainability just isn’t what we’re in search of.

“The world’s endowment of uranium ore is now so depleted that the nuclear trade won’t ever, from its personal assets, be capable of generate the power it must clear up its personal backlog of waste.”

“Shortages of uranium – and the shortage of sensible options -leading to interruptions in provide, might be anticipated to start out within the center years of the last decade 2010-2019, and to deepen thereafter.”

“Each stage within the nuclear course of, besides fission, produces carbon dioxide. Because the richest ores are used up, emissions will rise.

“It’s cheap to conclude that,even when the nuclear trade offered no different issues, “peak uranium” would rule out the prospect of the nuclear trade being in any means a solution to “peak oil”, and to scarcities of gasoline and coal.”

“Nuclear power definitely has disadvantages, fairly other than the clincher drawback of the depletion of its gas. It’s a supply of low-level radiation which can be extra harmful than was beforehand thought. It’s a supply of high-level waste which needs to be sequestered. Each stage within the course of produces deadly waste, together with the mining and leaching processes, the milling, the enrichment and the decommissioning. It is extremely costly. It’s a terrorist goal and its enrichment processes are stepping stones to the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.”

Wind and photo voltaic can present a lot of the energy for our future power wants. They by no means want any gas, to prospect for, mine, transport, refine, retailer, burn, combat wars over, or clear up the mess from. It is our future. Oil and different fossil fuels will solely go up in value. The worth of photo voltaic is falling quick and can quickly be cheaper than fossil fuels. The American Wind Vitality Affiliation forecasts that put in capability may develop from 11,603 MW at the moment to round 100,000 MW by 2020. That is 100 gigawatts, or an almost 90 gigawatt improve. Hoover Dam produces about 2 gigawatts, as does a medium dimension nuclear reactor. Many nuclear crops are one gigawatt. So within the subsequent twelve years we may get as a lot energy from new wind farms as McCain’s plan for 45 new nuclear crops would obtain, at much less value and means much less danger. And that is simply wind!

Photo voltaic can do extra. Add photovoltaic panels on rooftops and so forth. everywhere in the nation to the photo voltaic crops within the southwest and you’ve got each distributed and centralized photo voltaic power on an enormous scale. Denmark already has 20% wind energy. Components of Germany and Denmark have 40% wind energy. We’re advised that wind and photo voltaic are too intermittent. Why is not that an issue in Denmark. May it’s as a result of they don’t have any oil firm foyer?

That is why we must always begin increase this new power infrastructure now. As we construct, the prices will fall. Photovoltaics have gotten extra environment friendly and cheaper to make. Economies of scale will kick in as these industries develop, additional lowering costs.

One firm on the innovative, Nanosolar, says their skinny movie PV photo voltaic programs might be constructed for lower than the price of a comparable coal fired plant, with out the necessity for any coal or every other gas. They’re selling their photo voltaic programs as options for particular person cities. They are saying ten acres on the outskirts of city would energy 1,000 houses, twenty acres- 2,000 houses.

In lots of elements of the nation photo voltaic costs are already aggressive, throughout hours of peak demand, when charges are increased. That is significantly so in sunny areas that even have excessive electrical energy costs. Additionally, photo voltaic crops put out power when it’s most wanted and when costs are the very best. At these peak costs, photo voltaic is already aggressive.

We will not afford to attend. Oil is ruining our financial system and our surroundings. SetAmericaFree estimates the annual hidden prices of oil, together with the subsidies talked about above, at over $800 billion. If these prices had been mirrored in costs on the pump, gasoline could be near $12 a gallon. Their estimate of oil and gasoline firm tax credit and subsidies is over $80 billion yearly. The mililtary prices of defending oil shipments are estimated at $100 billion yearly. And oil provides $700 billion yearly to our commerce deficit, principally with nations we do not get together with. Throw within the prices of the 2 wars in Iraq in each lives and cash and oil begins to look fairly costly.

McCain needs to provide $4 billion extra in tax credit to grease firms. Exxon/Cellular made $40 billion in earnings final yr, and the highest 5 firms made a mixed $123 billion. We’re subsidizing the previous, after we needs to be subsidizing the longer term.

Our lack of political will to develop renewable power within the U.S. threatens to place us able, of enjoying meet up with different producers.

Inexperienced Wombat feedback of Abu Dhabi photo voltaic venture and Torresol ambitions in U.S. southwest.

“Abu Dhabi just isn’t content material to simply promote you the oil that fuels your SUV; now its going to promote you sunshine to maintain your lights on and energy your electrical automobile when the inner combustion engine goes the best way of the buggy whip. Masdar, the oil-rich emirate’s $15 billion renewable power enterprise, and Spanish know-how firm Sener on Wednesday introduced a three way partnership referred to as Torresol Vitality to construct large-scale solar energy crops in Australia, Europe, the Center East, North Africa and the US.”

(They’re concentrating on the identical American southwest, the place the authors of the Photo voltaic Grand Plan proposal are encouraging America to speculate.)

“The irony is simply too wealthy to go away unsaid: A number one oil producer invests billions in carbon-free power whereas a number one shopper of fossil fuels – the US – continues to subsidize Large Oil whereas whereas providing solely tepid assist for inexperienced know-how.”

“It’s inevitable that local weather change will foster the rise of renewable power – the one query is which international locations and firms will revenue from the brand new power economics. It’s fully attainable that the U.S. will commerce power dependence of 1 form – on Center East oil – for an additional – on Center East and European photo voltaic know-how – within the period of worldwide warming. It is no coincidence that a lot of the photo voltaic power firms with contracts to construct utility-scale energy crops in California and the Southwest have abroad roots – Ausra hails from Australia, BrightSource was based by American-Israeli pioneer Arnold Goldman, Solel is predicated in Israel and Abengoa is headquartered in Spain.”

from the proposal within the Scientific American article:

“The best impediment to implementing a renewable U.S. power system just isn’t know-how or cash, nevertheless. It’s the lack of public consciousness that solar energy is a sensible alternative-and one that may gas transportation as nicely. Ahead-looking thinkers ought to attempt to encourage U.S. residents, and their political and scientific leaders, about solar energy’s unimaginable potential. As soon as Individuals understand that potential, we consider the will for power self-sufficiency and the necessity to scale back carbon dioxide emissions will immediate them to undertake a nationwide photo voltaic plan”.

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