Revealing Renard’s speech to the Saudi players in the Argentina match

Revealing Renard’s speech to the Saudi players in the Argentina match

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The Saudi Football Association revealed what Al-Akhdar coach Herve Renard said to his players, in order to motivate them between the two halves of the Argentina match in the first round of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup.

The first half of the Saudi-Argentina match ended with the “Tango” advancing with a goal without a response, before the “Al-Akhdar” turned the tables in the second half by scoring two goals to end the match with a historic victory (2-1).

The 10-minute video, published by the Saudi Federation, showed a part of Renard’s conversation with the Saudi players in the dressing room, where he said: “Look at the person sitting next to you in that lecture, do you have confidence in him? Yes, because you know that he will do everything from And you will do the same for him.”

The French coach added, “We must always show solidarity with each other and trust in ourselves. It is not easy to sit on the bench, but a few minutes can make the difference, so be ready.”

He continued, “We know each other well now, 20 years from now you will remember this participation in the World Cup, and you will probably see a fan in the street and say to you (Yes, I remember that match and it was wonderful).”

And he concluded: “We have been together for 3 years, I would like to thank you all, and you should think about the people who came for you to the stadium. We are not a player or players, we are a group of 11 players. My mission is over here. We now know how to play and how to press. It remains only to We give everything we can.”

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