Risks of Kundalini Yoga

Risks of Kundalini Yoga

Risks of Kundalini Yoga

Risks of Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini yoga is specific path of yoga, which amongst different issues can supply a seeker great occult energy. Kundalini yoga seeks to open up the completely different charkas or vitality facilities. If an aspirant is profitable he’ll have the ability to have entry to those yogic powers.

The primary hazard of awakening the Kundalini powers is that they are often simply misused. If we open our third eye it’s potential to learn others ideas and have a glimpse into the longer term. Nevertheless this energy might be simply misused, we might begin to have a look at what persons are fascinated by, reasonably than utilizing it for divine functions we’ll use it for our personal egoist makes use of. If we would not have purity and real aspiration, gaining occult powers, may give us an amazing sense of delight. We’d take pleasure in displaying off to different individuals. By doing this we don’t achieve any divine qualities of peace and internal happiness. After we feed the ego we develop into proud and this may simply result in our downfall.

With Kundalini powers we might get distracted from our most vital process of self-realization. Outer miracles and occult powers, which come from Kundalini yoga, don’t assist in anyway in our religious path of self-discovery. To attain lasting peace, pleasure and internal happiness we have to conquer the ego and study to speak with God, our personal soul. If we solely need occult powers it’s going to slowdown and probably hamper our religious development. For an actual religious Grasp who has realized the very best consciousness the Kundalini powers typically come spontaneously. Nevertheless they not often use them outwardly as a result of they know they’ve little capability to impact the transformation of man’s nature. To encourage aspirants to pursue a extra religious life what is required is internal religious realization and never outer exhibits of miraculous powers.

ace sri chinmoy says:

“Even when we use Kundalini powers for the suitable goal, we can’t have the ability to supply infinite Peace, infinite Bliss, infinite Gentle that method. Regardless of what number of miracles we present, the one who sees them might be happy for less than 5 minutes after which he might be jealous as a result of he doesn’t have this energy.”

There’s a hazard in Kundalini yoga we’ll waste our time. There’s a good conventional Indian story, which helps illustrate this level. There have been 2 brothers who had been practising the religious life. One brother determined he would go away to follow extreme austerities so he might be able to achieve his Kundalini powers. After 12 years of intense follow he got here again to his village. He needed to point out his brother his newly gained powers so he walked throughout the water on a river. His brother merely paid a boatman 1 rupee and joined his brother on the opposite facet. On attending to the opposite financial institution the brother stated. “Why have you ever wasted 12 years to do one thing which I can do for simply 1 rupee.?” The opposite brother realized he had been silly and never made any actual religious progress in looking for after occult powers.

To follow kundalini yoga we have to have purity in our thoughts and important. If we nonetheless cherish worldly ideas and attempt to open up our vitality facilities it’s going to trigger great confusion and our efforts might be wasted, as our vitality might be directed downwards reasonably than upwards. If we actually wish to follow Kundalini yoga the most effective strategy is to meditate and focus on the center. It’s within the coronary heart the place we’ll really feel purity in ample measure. Sri Chinmoy suggests:

“Should you want to observe the trail of kundalini, my humble recommendation to you is to first attempt to awaken the center middle. The guts middle is significantly pure. The important or disturbing feelings might be purified by the opening of this middle.”

We also needs to observe the trail of Kundalini yoga below the steering of a certified religious trainer. When learning Kundalini yoga we must always keep an angle of real sincerity and reverence.

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