Samsung is betting on MicroLED and 8K for its premium TVs in 2023

Samsung is betting on MicroLED and 8K for its premium TVs in 2023

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Four years after the introduction The Wall at CES 2018, Samsung is ready to adopt MicroLED core technology. At CES 2023 the company announced it will offer 50-, 63-, 76-, 89-, 101-, 114- and 140-inch MicroLED models, greatly expanding the choices consumers have when it comes to the new display technology. Samsung did not provide pricing or availability information for the expanded line, but the company claims the new models are its most affordable MicroLED TVs yet. Since some of the sets are smaller than any MicroLED TVs Samsung has offered in the past, you won’t need to pay for a professional to install them in your home.

Samsung claims that their MicroLED lineup will set the standard for picture quality in 2023. And judging by the top-of-the-line specs of the 76-inch model, that’s not just a boast from the company. The set features a 240Hz variable refresh rate and a 2-nanosecond response time. It also offers 20-bit black detail for “intense” contrast.


Samsung is also promising upgrades for its Neo QLED sets, starting with the new flagship of the line. The QN900C features an 8K Quantum MiniLED backlit panel capable of reaching a maximum brightness of 4000 nits. As with Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED sets, the QN900C features 14-bit backlighting. However, the TV offers even better contrast thanks to a tweak the company made in its 8K Real Depth Enhancer Pro software. Samsung also promises improved picture quality when watching older movies and TV shows, thanks to the inclusion of its new Auto HDR Remastering algorithm, which can automatically apply HDR effects to standard dynamic range content.

For those who prefer a 4K set, there’s also the QN935C. Samsung’s new 4K flagship features a redesigned power board that eliminates the need for an external junction box and allows for frames that are less than 20mm thick. The QN935C also features top-firing speakers, allowing the set to produce Dolby Atmos sound without a dedicated soundbar. You can use both the QN900C and QN935C as a smart home hub, thanks to the fact that Samsung’s entire 2023 Neo QLED lineup will feature built-in Zigbee and Matter Thread all-in-one modules.

Samsung is betting on MicroLED and 8K for its premium TVs in 2023


Last year’s CES saw Samsung launch its new QD-OLED technology. This year, the company is expanding the line to offer additional models, including an all-new 77-inch model. Like announced in advance, the 2023 line of QD-OLED TVs will offer up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness thanks to the inclusion of Samsung’s new “HyperEfficient EL” OLED material and IntelliSense AI. Samsung says its latest panels are also more energy efficient and support a 144Hz refresh rate. Additionally, the company has gone out of its way to get the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro panels certified. Samsung has not announced pricing or availability for its QD-OLED lineup. Expect those details to come in the coming weeks.

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