Scenes from the wedding of Essam El-Hadary’s daughter. Pictures

Scenes from the wedding of Essam El-Hadary’s daughter. Pictures

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Activists on social media shared photos from the wedding of Shahanda El-Hadary, the daughter of former national team goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary.

Shahanda, Issam El-Hadary’s daughter, appeared in a white, puffy dress encrusted with diamonds, while the groom resplendent in a white suit and El-Hadary wore a black suit.

Issam El-Hadary appeared during the marriage contract with his wife in romantic clips and also appeared in photos of his daughter as she prepared for the wedding.






In a related context, although the Egyptian national team did not participate in the World Cup currently taking place in Qatar, which was held with the participation of 832 players representing 32 teams, this tournament failed to break the records of Essam El-Hadary, former goalkeeper of the national team, in the World Cup, which was held in Prussia in 2018.

Essam El-Hadary is the legend of the World Cup records. He is the oldest player in the history of the World Cup as he participated in the World Cup in Russia at the age of 45 years and 161 days, while the oldest player in the World Cup in Qatar is Canadian Atiba Hutchinson at 39 years and 9 months, followed by Portugal’s Bibi at the same age, 39 years and 9 months, followed by Japan’s Eiji Kawashima, 39 years and 8 months.

The World Cup will be held from November 20 to December 18 in the State of Qatar, in 8 different stadiums, to be the first Arab country to host the biggest tournament in world football.

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