Schaefer: Germany is out of the nominations and the World Cup title among 3 teams

Schaefer: Germany is out of the nominations and the World Cup title among 3 teams

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And he said SchaeferI do not see strong chances for the German national team in world Cup Which starts in a few days, because the current team is experiencing many technical problems, which can be reflected in its level in the competition.”

And the reason for the exclusion German national team From the competition for the World Cup 2022 title, the 72-year-old Schaefer, who trained major German clubs such as Stuttgart, explained that the strength of “machines” in the past was based on players who are active in the German League, specifically in Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund clubs, while the situation changed in the period Currently, most of the players of these two clubs are from European countries, which negatively affects the development of the team and its appearance as required.

Regarding his nominations for the qualified teams to compete for the World Cup title in its version, which starts on November 20, he replied: “There is nothing new in the list of candidates, and I expect that the teams of Brazil, Argentina and France will reach the advanced roles, and that the title is limited to them, because they are the best during this period, and they have a selection of Distinguished stars who are able to provide strong football performances and win the World Cup.”

As for the chances of the four Arab teams participating in the 2022 World Cup, which are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco and Tunisia, Winfried Schaefer, who has great experience in the reality of Arab football, after training Al-Ahly previously, Al-Ain and Bani Yas in the Emirates and the Qatari creek, expected that the Moroccan team has the best chance of representing Arab football in the form successful, and to achieve positive results that qualify him to cross into the second round of the World Cup, considering that having an elite group of players who play in strong European leagues would contribute to raising the technical level of the “Atlas Lions” team, despite the difficulty of the task in the sixth group, which includes teams Belgium, Croatia and Canada.

He did not rule out the German who led Cameroon national team To win the 2002 African Nations Cup, and runner-up in the 2003 Confederations Cup, the “lions” team present strong performances in the World Cup, thanks to the positive atmosphere that was provided to the current team, noting that the conditions have changed for the better compared to the period in which he worked at the head of the apparatus. The technical, since the arrival of the world star Samuel Eto’o, who was coached by Schaefer previously, and he knows very well his great ambitions, and his desire to serve the ball in his country.

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