Schubert: Kohler asked for names of offensive deals… and good news soon in Al-Ahly

Schubert: Kohler asked for names of offensive deals… and good news soon in Al-Ahly

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The media, Ahmed Schubert, former vice president of the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that Marcel Kohler, the technical director of the Red Genie, requested the conclusion of offensive deals, to support the ranks of the Red Genie in the winter transfer period.

Schubert also indicated that Al-Ahly has offers in the current period to sell the rights to the name of the stadium, which it will inaugurate in the coming period, which will provide great financial liquidity for the construction of that stadium, known in the media as “the dream of the fans.”

Schubert said in statements on his program on the Ontime Sports screen: “Marcel Kohler missed Al-Ahly’s training after the Al-Dakhiliyah match due to a cold.. Yesterday (he made a gentle movement when he found himself well, took Al-Arabiya, went to Suez and managed the match).”

He added: “Friday is a rest in Al-Ahly training, and the training will resume on Saturday, and continue on Sunday, and that stage will be concluded with a friendly match with the youth team, before a rest period of 5 or 6 days.”

He continued, “Marcel Kohler asked for names to support the offensive line in Al-Ahly, but this file has not been settled yet, but the coach is the one who will choose the deals in the coming period.”

In a related context, Schubert concluded his statements by saying: “Al-Ahly has strong offers to sell the rights to the stadium name, and it seems that the Arab brothers will have a role in this regard in cooperation with the sponsoring company of Al-Ahly .. Al-Ahly’s administration is moving in the file of sponsorship and is moving in the file of naming the stadium, and there is news pretty soon about that.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly club had defeated its host, Al-Dakhiliya, by four goals to one, in the match that was held at the new Suez Stadium, the day before yesterday, Wednesday, for the third round of the General League.

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