Secrets and techniques of Hawaiian Therapeutic Revealed in Interview With Kumu Dane Silva

Secrets and techniques of Hawaiian Therapeutic Revealed in Interview With Kumu Dane Silva

Secrets and techniques of Hawaiian Therapeutic Revealed in Interview With Kumu Dane Silva

Secrets and techniques of Hawaiian Therapeutic Revealed in Interview With Kumu Dane Silva

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Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva is a transcendent determine who synthesizes Western and Hawaiian therapeutic modalities into one holistic toolbox. Kumu Silva discovered the humanities of lomi-lomi therapeutic massage and using native crops for medicines from his elders on the Massive Island of Hawai’i. He additionally studied chiropractic, acupuncture, biomedical stress level remedy, chi gong and tai chi. He provides lectures as regards to built-in therapeutic on the school degree in Hawaii and California. He additionally offers formal coaching within the area of therapeutic therapeutic massage and gives therapeutic excursions on the Massive Island.

Born with a present of therapeutic he feels he bears the accountability to assist others. Folks come to him with severe dysfunction and it’s his job to discern the foundation of the issue. This might be non secular, bodily, and emotional. As soon as the issue is recognized he determines the correct modality to deal with the affected person

In my analysis for my article Therapeutic Hawaiian Vacation I had the intense pleasure of interviewing Kumu Silva on his dwelling turf in Hilo. He requested we meet at Coconut Island the place we sat on a wall overlooking azure water ruffled by a cooling sea breeze.

LB: You say you come from energy of the place. Are you able to increase on that for me?

KDS: Actual property individuals have a phrase location, location, location. This can be the knowledge of their indigenous roots talking. A spot of therapeutic is a particular place. This Island, Coconut Island (Moku Ola) is a “place of refuge” the place non secular therapeutic and different types of therapeutic befell. The ancients selected this place for a motive. It is as a result of this place has extra mana. So we’re in search of locations with mana, or non secular energy to activate the therapeutic course of. If we selected a spot that has no mana, then there isn’t any help from nature. We’re working in opposition to the stream.

LB: What issues do you do to encourage this help from nature?

KDS: In a spot like this do have to do a lot. The primary factor is to not carry unhealthy vitality to the place. In fact, when individuals come to this place for therapeutic their ideas, energies, and their our bodies usually are not in concord with nature or different individuals. They start a strategy of reorganizing and reordering their ideas and their emotions.

LB: Sounds to me like what the Navajo individuals try for the state of Hozho. Are you acquainted? It’s the state of being in concord, with nature, household and society?

KDS: Do not know sufficient about it to agree or disagree. There are too many parts that could be current for me to say. We see that indigenous Native Individuals and indigenous Polynesians share many issues. That isn’t a secret and that’s all the time a beautiful discovery we make as we come collectively as cultures.

LB: Do you journey round speaking to different native peoples?

KDS: Sure, I do and I encourage them to return right here. I went to Canada twice final 12 months to talk to First Nation Peoples.

LB: I’m from Southeast Alaska the place the Tlingit Indians are indigenous. I do see commonalities, particularly the concept of being linked to the land. That brings me to your nature walks. What do you do whenever you take individuals on a therapeutic tour?.

KDS: Each physique is completely different and we alter our program accordingly. Basically, what we discover is that individuals come to us with recollections of ache, and emotions of separation and helplessness in regards to the future. We take these recollections and launch them into the atmosphere. We invite the ancestral spirits with prayers and chants and supply them presents to soak up the ache.

LB: The atmosphere can deal with it?

KDS: Sure, the atmosphere can deal with it, and this is among the environments proper right here that we come to. You go to the gasoline station you get gasoline. You must go to a spot in nature that has the identical resonance and attunement in your work. It is a place of therapeutic. Ancients found it so we will mechanically come right here and use it for a similar objective.

LB: Do you consider that the ancestors are right here to help on this therapeutic course of.?

KDS: They aren’t sitting round ready for you, however you’ll be able to name them. A part of the ceremony and course of are chants that invite the ancestors. Ancestors obtain their presents in alternate for steerage and their presence

LB: I perceive that hula is a type of meditation to tug mana. Do you do hula? Do you do it in a prayerful approach?

KDS: I used to be a pupil of hula once I was a youthful man. However, I additionally observe Hawaiian martial arts and therapeutic arts and the martial arts describe my lifetime and my profession right now. Hula and martial arts are all a part of the identical household. The dances we take pleasure in as we speak with stunning ladies lined with flowers are all a part of a convention of sacred practices.

LB: In tai chi there are specific actions to control the vitality. How is it completely different?

KDS: In tai chi there are three factors of vitality. One is named “ching” which is centered across the reproductive organs. The second kind is named “chi” which is positioned close to the center that’s involved with meals and air. Ching turns into chi when you’ll be able to take the chi and enhance it in quantity you create one thing else that’s extra refined. That is known as “shen” or spirit. After we speak about vitality we have to know what sort of vitality. The vitality we put into our automobile? The vitality we put into our physique? The Chinese language ancients got here up with three distinct sorts of vitality. Right here in Hawaii we speak about therapeutic vitality, “Ola” or the life power. This island is named Moku Ola-Island of life and of therapeutic of vitality.

LB: I do meditations. I do really feel very robust vitality close to the ocean. The Islands have all the time been a supply of solace and sustenance for me. So, I believe I type of perceive what you might be saying, though I do not know the prayers and refinement that you just give.

KDS: Hawaiians speak about HA. The breath that correspond to chi. Similar type of concept-energy of the breath the air. Mana is a better type of vitality?

LB: A better type in that it’s a extra non secular refined vitality?

KDS: Sure. So right here we’ve a spectrum of vitality. It’s like light-the distinction between a stone and lightweight.

LB: Between course and delicate? You obtain this vitality? Do you direct this vitality to individuals by means of contact or simply mentally?

KDS: We use prayer to assist us information the vitality and we use contact. However, we do not all the time have to the touch. We wish to have a detailed relationship with the atmosphere. Is it attainable to alter the clouds? Is it attainable to make it rain? Is it attainable to make the waves go up or down? These are issues that do not concerned touching, however they do contain manipulating vitality to end in an outward change.

After we are working with a human touching them is an easy strategy to switch vitality, however it doesn’t change their life-style.

LB: You’re the most effectively revered and acknowledged lomi-lomi therapeutic massage grasp on the Massive Island. Inform me extra about how you utilize the “Loving Contact” when you’re working with individuals

KDS: It’s a privilege and a problem. We’re honored to have the ability to contact individuals after we work with them of their objectives. However, it additionally includes a big accountability to teach the affected person and information them in direction of a therapeutic life-style.

LB: You have got workshops in Puna? What sorts of issues do you do? What ought to individuals method you for? What do need individuals to know that you just do for them?

KDS: The wants of persons are very completely different. They’re bodily, psychological, emotional and non secular. We’re expert in a number of modalities. We’ve a whole lot of expertise in caring for individuals. If we will not discover the flexibility in ourselves to treatment the affected person we refer them to another person

LB: You council the individual after which ship them the suitable skilled?

KDS: My martial arts grasp advised me he had mind tumor. He requested was there something I might supply him. I requested, “Have you ever seen anyone.” Sure, I’ve seen everybody-chiropractor, acupuncturist, therapeutic massage, medical medical doctors and healers,” he mentioned.

He got here to my class. I had the scholars assist me lomi-lomi him. He fell asleep. When he awoke he might communicate clearly, he might stroll, he might see. These three issues had been impaired when he launched himself. So, he mentioned to me “I really feel good. What do you suggest?” I mentioned, name the physician get some surgical procedure and take away the tumor out of your mind! He mentioned, “Why do this once I can simply come to you?” You would be coming to me for the remainder of your life. You have got a tumor in your mind. Get it out!

He went he obtained it out. He’s good to now. I work with medical doctors, different healers, all completely different cultures to determine the particular want for this individual. We’re healers. We search for the particular modality to make use of to handle the individual’s particular wants. Lomi-lomi is a a number of modality. Within the western view it’s therapeutic massage and physique work. Within the Hawaiian and Polynesian view it’s holistic.

LB: Ten years in the past, I used to be honored to obtain lomi-lomi from Margaret Maschedo’s niece. The factor that struck me, other than the truth that it was deeply emotional expertise, was that she began with a Christian blessing. The incorporation with Christianity with the standard Hawaiian therapeutic massage type of threw me. My query to you is how a lot are you influenced by Christianity? Do you incorporate the Christian blessing in your therapeutic?

KDS: I do not suppose so. I do not deliberately invoke Jesus in my work. I’m educated as a kahuna. The Hawaiian kahuna shouldn’t be a Christian missionary. That will be a Christian kahuna.

LB: There are these individuals who mix the cultures?

KDS: Sure, a lot of them.

LB: So, are you a purist?

KDS: I believe traditionalist is extra applicable.

LB: You’re a chiropractor-No?

KDS: Sure, retired.

LB: Did you examine on the mainland?

KDS: Each. Lomi-lomi has been round approach longer than chiropractors. Lomi-lomi approach contains bone-setting.

LB: I learn that the ancients lomied-lomied the fingers of infants to make the tapered antennas for mana. Additionally, the brow was slanted again for a regal profile?

Is that true?

KDS: After I was younger my grandmother massaged my brow. I do it with kids as effectively.

LB: What’s the objective of this?

KDS: As a result of individuals, like myself, when they’re rising, a part of our cranium grows very quick. It’s to accommodate the expansion of our mind. Additionally it’s to beautify the individual.

One of these therapeutic massage is completely different than the kind utilized in therapeutic. For instance when my son was born my spouse requested me to lomi him to extend the flexibleness of his joints. So, different mommies have come to me for that as effectively. Working with kids to make them extra versatile is among the objectives. When you have somebody who comes from a household the place they could have some spinal points the kids might be massaged as a remedy to discourage these issues.

LB Do you utilize the pebble define of an individual’s physique that I’ve examine to divine the supply of the issue?

KDS: These pebbles are used to show individuals. At present we’ve extra expertise than simply stones. We’ve books, web the whole lot

LB: Do you utilize the native crops in your healings?

KDS: Sure. These medicines can assist save lives, and save limbs.

LB: Do you utilize the common treatment the ocean water cleanse provided at Margaret Maschedo’s retreat?

KDS: I work with individuals with diabetes, most cancers, every kind of issues. There are a lot of sorts of cleaning. Sea water is the best, most cost-effective, quickest, however it doesn’t clear out the liver, it cleans out the colon. When you have somebody who wants to wash out their liver, or their pancreas, or their kidneys sea water would most likely not be the most effective for them. I’ve a gaggle of scholars proper now who began with me constipated, by day 3 none of them had been constipated. Educate them the way to combine the salt water, therapeutic massage their tummies and provides them bodily actions to do day by day. It’s a holistic method.

In western understanding well being care comes from the chiropractor, the medical doctors, the pharmacist, however in cultures like ours one individual does many issues and the make use of many various modalities. The usage of salt water is like brushing your tooth it’s not an enormous deal. Ten days is just the start. Make it a part of your life-style. Meaning whenever you go to the child luau you will have one serving.

Sea Water has 3.5 grams of salt…we dilute it in order that it’s about 1 gram of salt. You make it to the salinity of blood. Blood is.9 grams of salt. Sea water is alkaline ph 8. Our blood is ph 7.35. We get sick when our blood will get to acidic. An excessive amount of acid in your physique causes weak point and ache. Most cancers is irritation. Irritation causes mutations within the cell. This creates unhealthy things-waste merchandise, ache and illness

LB: You might be very slender are you vegetarian?

KDS: No. I’m “quantitarian.” You’ll be able to have a style of the whole lot, simply do not eat an excessive amount of!

LB: Do you do your remedy within the Ahalanui Scorching Ponds in Puna?

KDS: Sure, I labored on three individuals there yesterday

LB: What does “Huna”- the key – imply to you?

KDS: Do not consider the phrase Huna. Consider work kahuna. Huna is a group of secrets and techniques ideas and practices handed down by the kahuna. A kahuna is somebody who’s able to doing issues that different individuals can’t. I used to be raised that there was to be no babbling of secrets and techniques. The ancients couldn’t discover somebody of ample character to be worthy of their secrets and techniques.

LB: What occurred to the secrets and techniques?

KDS: They took them with them to the opposite aspect.

LB: Thanks Kumu Dane Silva

If you want to study extra about Kumu Dane Silva’s workshops and retreats go to:

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