Seeing and Feeling Vitality

Seeing and Feeling Vitality

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I at all times train folks to see and really feel vitality in my meditation lessons for a few causes. It is lots of enjoyable, and having the ability to see it and really feel it makes it extra actual and simpler for them to know.

Making use of this to your martial arts follow (after which the remainder of your life) can provide you some fascinating talents. When you possibly can really feel and see vitality it makes it simpler for you to concentrate on the folks round you. This elevated consciousness might help you sense when a co-worker could also be over-stressed and extra more likely to interact in battle. It means that you can apply some sympathy and understanding and thereby enhance your personal effectiveness by avoiding unnecessary battle and stress.

Should you’ve been doing the workout routines that I’ve described then by this level you have in all probability had some fascinating experiences with feeling your personal inside vitality and drawing vitality into your physique. Now we’ll work with feeling exterior vitality. As you progress with this you will not solely be capable of really feel your personal vitality, however the vitality of the folks and issues round you. Seeing and feeling vitality will also be lots of enjoyable to experiment and play with. It is particularly enjoyable to get others concerned.

The next workout routines will assist you to really feel your aura, the exterior vitality discipline that surrounds every little thing. Every thing on the planet is made up of assorted particles held collectively by vitality, and you may really feel and even manipulate that vitality with follow.

Train 1 – Constructing an vitality ball

Rub your fingers collectively briskly as if attempting to heat them on a chilly day. Doing this will increase the sensitivity of your fingers.

Maintain your fingers in entrance of you about 6 inches aside. Now transfer them away from one another till they’re about 8-12 inches aside, after which transfer them again to 2-3 inches aside, identical to a fisherman describing the sizes of the fish he caught. As you proceed doing this, can you are feeling a ball or vitality build up between your fingers? It might really feel like a thickness within the air between your fingers, or a stress between them. Play with this train a bit. See how huge you may make the vitality ball. Is one hand extra delicate than the opposite? Are you able to flip your fingers over and do it with the backs of your fingers?

Train 2 – Waving the vitality

Maintain your left hand upright in entrance of you along with your palm dealing with to the correct. Wave your proper fingertips slowly up and down in entrance of your left palm, however with out touching it. Can you are feeling the movement of your proper hand throughout the floor of your left palm? Change fingers and do it once more. Does it really feel totally different with the opposite hand? Is one hand extra delicate than the opposite?

Train 3 – Feeling the aura

Maintain your fingers out in entrance of you at arms size, palms in. Now transfer your consciousness all the way down to your palms and slowly transfer your palms in towards your physique. Bear in mind the best way it felt once you made the vitality ball between your palms? Can you are feeling the identical kind of thickness or stress as your palms transfer in in the direction of your physique?

With a associate follow shifting your fingers slowly in the direction of them. Can you are feeling their aura? Can your associate really feel your fingers as you progress in the direction of them?

Have your associate stand about 12-15 toes away. Now stroll slowly in the direction of them. Are you able to sense their aura as you stroll as much as them? Can they really feel you? As you get deeper into this you’ll play with intention and feelings additionally, however for now simply think about feeling the aura.

Some video games that you may play with this;

Have your associate stand a couple of toes away and suppose offended ideas. Can you are feeling a distinction of their vitality? How about once they suppose blissful ideas? Have them conceal someplace in the home and, with out shifting, see in case you can sense the place they’re. Do this in varied locations round city as properly.

Some folks haven’t any hassle in any respect with this whereas others aren’t as empathetic and take some time to be taught to really feel it. As typical that is all about build up your personal private catalog and studying how issues really feel.

Simply as you possibly can really feel vitality, lots of people may see it. Seeing the aura does not appear to be one thing that everybody can do and those that do appear to have wildly various talents. I’ve recognized healers who might have a look at you and say issues like “Oh you are blocking some vitality right here” simply due to what they see in your aura, whereas others can simply barely see it.

Personally I am extra of an empath and whereas I can really feel vitality from throughout the room I do not see it that properly. That is one thing that you may play with and if you are able to do it then it is simply one other cool software within the toolbox.

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