Shaktipat Meditation and Your Vitality System: Aura, Chakras, Tan Tiens, Connections and Extra

Shaktipat Meditation and Your Vitality System: Aura, Chakras, Tan Tiens, Connections and Extra

Shaktipat Meditation and Your Vitality System: Aura, Chakras, Tan Tiens, Connections and Extra

Shaktipat Meditation and Your Vitality System: Aura, Chakras, Tan Tiens, Connections and Extra

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Utilizing Shaktipat Meditation strategies, your realized instructor can “gentle up” your power system for you. Your thoughts might be able to instantly see/really feel your aura, chakras, channels and power connections.

Immediately experiencing your power system will simplify your follow, enabling you to observe your power physique develop and progress. Understanding about your chakras, entrance, again and central power channels, three Tan Tiens and your connections to Heaven and Earth will convey a larger understanding of how meditation and power work is affecting you.

Most of us can not see delicate power with our bodily eyes. Shaktipat meditation will rapidly allow you to information Divine Mild into an individual’s power system together with your thoughts. Your thoughts’s eye might even see the individual’s power subject gentle up. You might observe the completely different components as your thoughts focuses gently on every in flip. Colours and blockages might seem.

The Human Aura

Your aura kinds a subject of power that surrounds your bodily physique. This subject can lengthen out as a lot as two meters or extra from our our bodies. All the details about all of the lives we have lived and this current life are encoded on this subject. The colours in it change continuously as our ideas and feelings change.

Mild colours like white, blue, inexperienced, gold, violet and light-weight crimson point out good well being. Darker colours like soiled white, grey, brown, black and darkish crimson or darkish inexperienced point out blockages and injury that should be cleared and repaired.

As you do your day by day follow, your aura will develop and strengthen till incoming detrimental energies remodel to optimistic energy as quickly as they strike your power subject.

The layer of power subsequent to the physique is best to really feel or see. It has essentially the most affect on the well being of the bodily physique. As you slowly sweep your hand palm down via this power layer, you’ll really feel spots which might be scorching or chilly, trigger tingling or a change in vibration, or that draw your hand to them. These sensations point out power imbalances.

The Chakras

Chakras are whirling power vortices. When considered from the entrance they could seem spherical. Considered from above they’re like plates or disks stacked one atop the opposite. Every chakra governs a unique facet of our being. Right here we’re solely involved with the seven main chakras which might be within the bodily physique. They’re centered in entrance of the backbone.

1. Mooladhara is on the perineum, which is the strip of pores and skin between our sexual organs and anus, on the very base of our our bodies. Its shade is crimson. It governs data. It is right here that the column of Yin power connecting us to Mom Earth enters us.

2. Swadishtana is behind our pubic bone. It is orange and governs our feelings, unconscious and sexual power.

3. Manipura is yellow and situated between the navel and photo voltaic plexus. Completely different methods place this chakra greater or decrease on this space. Observe for your self the place it’s. Our private energy resides right here.

4. Anahata is the Coronary heart Chakra. It is behind the breastbone at coronary heart stage. Its shade is normally inexperienced, typically with pink mixing in. Love emanates from our coronary heart chakra, going out to throughout us.

5. Vishuddi is situated on the base of the throat. The colour is normally blue. It governs communication and our immune system.

6. Ajneya, or the Third Eye, is situated within the heart of the brow above and between the eyebrows. Its ordinary shade is indigo. That is the seat of our psychic and psychological powers.

7. Sahasrara is the crown chakra situated on high of the pinnacle. Its shade is normally purple with various quantities of gold. That is our spirituality. It is right here that the slender white power wire bringing celestial energies down into our beings enters us.

There are additionally minor chakras on our palms, knees, ankles and bottoms of our ft. It is essential to open these to permit sick, heaty and detrimental energies to floor out of the physique.

The Three Tan Tiens

The Tan Tiens are finest found by searching for empty areas by which it first seems that nothing exists. Truly they’re seas of dwelling power inside us. The Higher Tan Tien is contained in the cranium, occupying the world the place the mind is. The pondering thoughts resides right here. The Center Tan Tien is within the heart of the chest. The emotional thoughts is right here. The Decrease Tan Tien is behind and beneath the navel. That is dwelling to the instinctual thoughts and our pearl of life drive power.

The Connections

A slender white column of power goes from the highest of our heads up into the Universe. It is typically known as the God connection or the Universe connection. Yang, celestial or cosmic energies come all the way down to us via this wire. It runs straight down via the middle of our physique in central channel from the crown chakra to the bottom chakra and on into Mom Earth.

Cool Yin, or Earth, energies journey up this wire from the earth whereas extra heaty energies journey down it to floor out and maintain our energies balanced. Aware grounding after power work is commonly obligatory to take care of correct stability between Yin and Yang. With day by day power work your Universe connection will develop till it covers the entire high of your head.

The Channels

The central channel runs straight down via our our bodies from the crown to the bottom chakra. The connections to the Universe and Mom Earth run via the central channel.

Shushuma, or the again channel, runs up the middle of the spinal wire from the bottom chakra to the crown chakra. The Kundalini energies rise via this channel. There are two different channels right here on the proper and left known as Ida and Pingala. These truly cross the again channel at each chakra to type a determine eight form that repeats all the way in which up the backbone

The entrance channel runs up the entrance of the physique from the bottom to the crown chakra. It is about 1 or 2 centimeters beneath the pores and skin.

The belt channels run across the bodily physique simply beneath the pores and skin, one on the stage of every chakra. They’re the identical colours because the chakras. They intersect the back and front channels to type an power grid or body.

The Meridians

Meridians are traces of power that run via our our bodies. There’s one for every main organ. Acupressure and acupuncture deal with blockages in these traces. You’ll be able to clear these blockages with therapeutic power by sweeping your hand slowly down the meridian, clearing blocks as you discover them.

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