Square Enix teases plans for Dragon Quest X in 2023

Square Enix teases plans for Dragon Quest X in 2023

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Image: Square Enix

One game too many Dragon Quest fans here in the west would love to see it released on Switch locally Dragon Quest X. Although there is no mention of a possible localization, it seems that there is an update for the existing version, exclusive to Japan, at the end of the year.

During an interview with Famitsu (via Siliconera), Square Enix is ​​apparently teasing the possibility of “new content” for the massively multiplayer online game, which originally debuted in 2012 on the Nintendo Wii. It’s unclear exactly what to expect at this stage, but it’s at least a reminder that the company remains committed to the project.

Square Enix has also released Dragon Quest X Offline on Nintendo Switch in September. Unfortunately, this one is also not localized. However, there is a demo available for download from the Japanese eShop.

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