Steam’s metrics for Linux end 2022 with some strange numbers

Steam’s metrics for Linux end 2022 with some strange numbers

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Valve just released the December 2022 Steam Survey results, which come as a bit of a surprise.

As published at the beginning of December and remained the numbers until today, the indicators for November 2022 Steam on Linux with 1.44% market share as an increase of 0.16% from October. November results point to Linux market share gains due to increased Steam Deck usage based on SteamOS Holo and AMD Custom GPU 0405 data points.

Steam Linux percentages for November 2022

December 2022 Steam Linux percentages with a “weird” month-over-month percentage increase.

But what makes things strange is that the December 2022 report shows Linux’s market share at 0.10%, but the percentage market share is 1.38%… Or 0.06% lower than November numbers. So this is another case of recalculated numbers or other weirdness of the Steam survey results.

Initial figures for November put macOS at 2.45% and Windows at 96.11%, while recently released figures for December show Windows at 96.15% with a reported drop of 0.35% and macOS at a 0.25% increase to 2.48%. Again, not at all consistent with Valve’s data from the previous month.

Making December’s numbers even weirder is that when pulling out the survey data for Linux alone, it shows a 0.91% drop for SteamOS Holo (although a 0.77% increase over Flatpak Steam), the market share of AMD CPU drops 0.84% ​​and AMD Custom GPU 0405 rate drops 0.90%. Or in other words, Steam Deck’s market share of Linux gamers shrank by just under 1% for the month of December. This is quite unusual given the success of Steam Deck and Valve who continue to ship significantly more units each week and is currently the main driver of Linux gaming adoption.

So either the random element of Steam Survey selection was pretty crazy for December, or there are other weird things going on with Steam Survey that seem to happen so often. We will see if the numbers are revised in the coming days, but for now you can find the current data at

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