Surprise .. Kohler welcomes the departure of Al-Ahly star during the winter transfer period.. What happened? –

Surprise .. Kohler welcomes the departure of Al-Ahly star during the winter transfer period.. What happened? –

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The first football team in Al-Ahly Club, under the leadership of the Swiss Marcel Koller, continues its training at Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium on the island, in preparation for the upcoming matches on the red team, during the coming period, as the red team will play many important matches, whether local or continental, especially since Kohler held A session with the players, their demands to maintain their physical fitness, where a physical program was developed for the players.

Mustafa Saad Messi, the first football team player in Al-Ahly club, expressed his anger at his departure from the coach’s accounts, and his lack of presence in the matches and his inclusion in the list, especially as it is an expected deal, for all the red fans, after his success with his team, which he previously played for Ceramica Cleopatra. Last season, Al-Ahly succeeded in signing the player.

And responsible sources inside Al-Ahly club revealed that Mustafa Saad Messi held a session with the Swiss Marcel Koller in order to talk to him about the reasons for his exclusion from the matches, and the player’s desire to be with his team during the current period, to play matches and achieve successes with the players, especially as he strives in training. There is no injury that prevents him from participating with the team.

The responsible sources within Al-Ahly club confirmed in exclusive statements to “Al-Ahly News” that Mustafa Saad Messi expressed his anger as a result of his exit from Kohler’s accounts, and so far the player has not communicated with one of the clubs and presented himself as some claimed during the recent period, and he wants to continue within Al-Ahly, but Kohler decided to loan him to any team, because he does not need him at the present time, he wants to rely on Karim Fouad, Taher Muhammad Taher and Hussein Al-Shahat.

The club’s first football team continued its training this morning, Sunday, at the Touch Stadium on the island, and the players practiced in the gym for half an hour; Under the supervision of Andreas Andoa, the team’s load coach, while the team’s three goalkeepers performed; Ali Lotfi, Mustafa Schubert and Mustafa Makhlouf, intensive training under the supervision of Yancon Michel, goalkeeper coach.

The team resumed its training yesterday, Saturday morning, at the Al-Touch Stadium in Al-Jazira, after the negative rest that the players had obtained for 24 hours, after beating Al-Dakhiliya 4-1 in the match that brought the two teams together last Wednesday evening in the third round of the Egyptian Club League Championship.

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