Tasmanian police nab alleged Krispy Kreme thief shortly after chain launches in island state

Tasmanians have been waiting a long time for Krispy Kreme donuts to settle in the state.

For years, the islanders have had a long and perhaps perplexing history of using trips to Melbourne to bring the coveted donuts home.

Despite the gourmet sourdough versions now available at the local markets and ever-increasing number of local donut shops, Tasmanians have sought the previously mainland-only treat.

But less than 24 hours after Krispy Kreme launched in Tasmania, police allege there was a theft of the doughy goods.

About 1:20am on Saturday, police claim two large boxes containing Krispy Kreme donuts were stolen from a delivery van while it was parked outside the Brighton BP station — a suburb 30km north of Hobart.

Police claim CCTV footage captured a male offender opening the back doors of the van, getting in and removing two large boxes. They say he then ran from the scene.

Later that morning, police searched a Brighton residence where they allegedly found and recovered “most” of the stolen property.

A 20-year-old Risdon Vale man was arrested and charged over the theft.

It is unclear what flavors of donut were allegedly stolen and what happened to the “recovered goods”.


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