The chances of the Arab and African teams to qualify for the round of 16

The chances of the Arab and African teams to qualify for the round of 16

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The second round of the group stage ended in the Qatar World Cup, amid positive results for some Arab and African teams, and negative results before the final round.

The Moroccan, Ghanaian and Senegalese teams beat Belgium, South Korea and Qatar, respectively, while the Saudi and Tunisian teams lost from Poland and Mexico, and Cameroon tied with Serbia.

Click here to see the group standings table after the second round

The Qatari team officially left the race after leaving the tournament with a second loss from Senegal, to be with the Canadian team without points after the end of the second round.

The Moroccan team outperforms all Arab and African teams in the number of points it scored after the end of the two rounds, and it has 4 points, and it is the only team representing the continent and the region that has not lost yet.

The Saudi, Ghanaian and Senegalese teams come behind the Atlas Lions, and each of them has 3 points by winning a match and losing another. Behind them are the Tunisian and Cameroonian teams, each of whom has a point with a draw in a match and a loss in a match, and they are the two owners of the most difficult confrontations in the decisive round.

Morocco opportunity

The Moroccan national team enters a fateful meeting against Canada, while the Belgian national team enters its last match against Croatia and has more than one opportunity that can be identified by clicking on the following link:

“Even in the event of a loss”… Morocco’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup round of 16 after Croatia’s victory

Compulsory course

The position of the Tunisian national team is similar to that of Cameroon, where the French and Brazilian national teams face the two strongest candidates for the title, but after the two giants officially qualified for the round of 16.

And the victory of Cameroon and Tunisia in the last match became mandatory in order to preserve their hopes of advancing to the round of 16, and their chances can be identified through the following two links:

Two chances for Tunisia to skip the group stage of the World Cup

“Winning is inevitable”.. Cameroon’s chances of advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup

black dream

Despite its harvest of three points, Senegal’s position is also very complicated in the face of Ecuador, where the Senegalese team must win to qualify without waiting for the result of the other match.

In the event of a tie from Ecuador, the Lions need to defeat the Netherlands from Qatar 2-0 and draw positively with Ecuador by any result, or defeat the orange team by a difference of two goals.

Green struggle

The Saudi national team faces a daunting task in the absence of absences and after the honorable defeat against Poland in the face of the injured Mexico, who also has a chance to rise in the event of winning the final match and losing Argentina.

Saudi Arabia has more than one chance to rise after the great performance shown by the Falcons in the tournament, and these opportunities can be identified by clicking on the following link:

Saudi Arabia’s dream.. 3 chances to qualify for the round of 16 in the World Cup

Football justice gives Ghana a chance for revenge

The Ghanaian national team seized the opportunity to stay in the World Cup after achieving a very difficult victory over South Korea 3-2 in the match that was held today on the last days of the second round of the group stage.

The Ghanaian national team had lost the last round by the same score to Portugal, while Uruguay lost to Portugal 0-2 after drawing with Korea in the first round.

To learn more about Ghana opportunities, click here

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