The deal of the century .. Did Al-Ahly intervene to kidnap the star of the season and disrupt his transfer to Zamalek? –

The deal of the century .. Did Al-Ahly intervene to kidnap the star of the season and disrupt his transfer to Zamalek? –

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In the last hours, there were many reports that indicated that Al-Ahly club entered negotiations with Future officials in order to obtain services, Mohamed Reda Bobo, player of the first football team at the Future Club, in order to contract with him during the coming period, especially since the team is coming. On many important matches and needs the player to be in the middle of the field, to be next to the existing trio, along with Kohler’s desire to include the player.

And press reports indicated that Al-Ahly club officials agreed to include Mohamed Reda Bobo, after the Swiss coach Marcel Koller, coach of the first football team in the Red Castle, agreed to include the player, and his presence with the team during the coming period, in addition to obtaining the player’s services, before He completed his move to Zamalek, after the white team entered into negotiations with the player.

The responsible source inside Al-Ahly club revealed the scenes and the truth of the news that spread during the last hours, regarding the conclusion of the contract with Mohamed Reda Bobo, during the next summer transfer period, and the red team’s need for him, and he was included on the instructions of the Swiss Marcel Koller.

The responsible sources within Al-Ahly club confirmed, in exclusive statements to “Al-Ahly News”, that Bobo is not a candidate to join Al-Ahly club, and we did not negotiate with the player, neither from near nor from afar, during the current period, especially since the red team does not need the player, besides that The team in the African Championship did not benefit the case of his contract.

The first football team of Al-Ahly Club concluded its group training this morning, Tuesday, at the Touch Stadium on the island, before the start of the negative rest that the players get, starting tomorrow, Wednesday..

Marcel Kohler, coach, and Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football, were keen to meet with the players before the start of group training..

The team’s training witnessed the implementation of various fat and technical paragraphs, before Kohler concluded the training with a division along the field in which all players participated..

Al-Ahly defeated Al-Dakhiliya 4-1 in the match that brought the two teams together last Wednesday evening in the third round of the Egyptian Professional Clubs League Championship..

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