The developers of Redfall claim that the game is more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead

The developers of Redfall claim that the game is more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead

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Redfall it is obviously much more similar A distant roar than Left 4 Dead is, according to the game’s developers. Redfall is one of many to come Xbox games that are set to release this year and will hopefully be a big hit for the console and its subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. Given that it’s a four-player co-op game, it’s likely to generate a lot of players from the service looking for a new game to play with their friends. Redfall places players in a quiet and quaint New England town that is unfortunately overrun by cultists and vampires.

Given the four-player co-op element, the fact that you fight the undead from a first-person perspective, etc. quickly drew comparisons to Left 4 Dead. However, Harvey Smith and Ricardo Barre of Arkane Studios said GamesRadar that it’s much more like Far Cry, specifically Far Cry 2. That doesn’t mean you’ll be climbing towers and doing all kinds of fetch quests, it just means there’s going to be a very dense and lively open world that’s bigger than any other game Arkane has made so far . The team focused on creating a rich world that accurately captured the aesthetic it was trying to emulate, that of a “crappy tourist town” in New England. It’s not really a horde shooter, but a place to explore and get lost in, while also getting to know it as you spend more time in it.

“In terms of freedom, it’s got what you’d expect from other open worlds, but Redfall is a game of footwork – the scale and pace are a bit slower in that regard,” says Bare. “We want you to crawl through a cornfield at night in the fog, hear vampires whispering in the dark. Maybe you’ll spot a farm in the distance and sneak up to it, only to find it full of cultists and a few trapped survivors you can rescue. That’s the vibe that Redfall has.”

At the moment, it remains to be seen exactly how Redfall matches all the games it’s compared to. Either way, if it can live up to its ambition, it sounds like something that will give players hours of co-op fun. As of now, we still have no idea exactly when Redfall it will come out, but hopefully not far away.

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