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The House Speaker election drags into a third day as McCarthy seeks support

The House Speaker election drags into a third day as McCarthy seeks support

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Washington “The House will reconvene on Thursday to try.” select a speaker after failing in his first six attempts, with Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California working to win over a faction of conservative members who strongly oppose his candidacy.

McCarthy failed in every round, failing to win a majority of the votes cast. The House, which cannot proceed to other business until a speaker is chosen, reconvened shortly after noon.

Entering the Capitol Thursday, McCarthy said he was “making progress.”

“I think people are talking and that’s a good sign. I think it’s very good. Look, we’re all working together to find a solution,” he told reporters. McCarthy met with members who opposed his nomination for three hours Wednesday night and offered concessions on two key issues: the ability of any member to call a vote challenging the sitting speaker and the composition of the powerful House Rules Committee .

Democrats remained united behind Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who has the most votes in each district, with the support of all 212 House Democrats.

The House continues with the vote for a new speaker after three failed attempts
Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California listens on the floor of the House of Representatives during the second day of the House Speaker election on January 4, 2023 in Washington, DC

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The breakaway faction of the Republican Party on Wednesday Republican Rep. nominee Byron Donalds of Florida to replace Congressman Jim Jordan, who supports McCarthy and says he is not running for president. With Jeffries as the Democratic choice for speaker, Wednesday’s vote marked the first time two blacks have been nominated for the post.

Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social on Wednesday morning to try to steer rebel Republicans toward McCarthy, writing that “now is the time for all of our GREAT Republican House members to VOTE FOR KEVIN TO DROP THE DEAL.” Former Vice President Mike Pence also tweeted his support for McCarthy. But no one in the Republican Party supported McCarthy after the messages from Trump and Pence.

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