The Qigong Respiratory Technique of Power Motion.

The Qigong Respiratory Technique of Power Motion.

The Qigong Respiratory Technique of Power Motion.

The Qigong Respiratory Technique of Power Motion.

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That is one easy Qigong methodology originated by a Chinese language doctor Li Guang Po in China. Utilizing this methodology, one is ready to achieve the extent of small circulation in a few month. There are different extra elaborate strategies and other people practising them usually find yourself failing to open up their small circulation and reap the good thing about wonderful well being. I picked up this methodology fairly by accident. A e-book written by the creator in Chinese language was given to me by my nation’s senior diplomat in Peking and I used to be alleged to interprete and clarify it to my boss in 1994. As an alternative, I started studying and mastering it. And, my superior, a military Basic, grew to become my pupil. Once more, it’s the unseen hand of my religious guides that may have engineered the chance for me to select up a helpful methodology of meditation.

The small circulation/Micro-cosmic Orbit refers back to the opening up of the acupuncture factors alongside the Governing (Tu) Vessel and Conception (Ren) Vessel – the front and back meridians of our physique, alongside our back and front spinal column – and offering an obstructed motion of Qi – inner vitality.

The vital acupuncture factors are the Bahui (Crown Chakra), Yingtang (Forehead Chakra), Shangzhong (Coronary heart Chakra), decrease Dan Tien/Qihai (Sacral Chakra), Weilu (Base Chakra), JiaJi (roughly again of coronary heart chakra), Yu Zhen or Jade Pillow (again of our neck roughly the place the neck and the top meets).

The strategy makes use of the precept of gravity – when vitality is totally deposited in a single acupuncture level, it turns into overflow and strikes downwards to refill the decrease acupuncture level. Essentially the most tough half is when the vitality reaches the underside – the Weilu or close to the Base Chakra – it has to maneuver upwards alongside the again of our backbone and attain the crown and resettle on the purpose of the trail the place the tongue touches. the palate.

The basic precept of this Qigong methodology is respiration. You focus in your respiration out and in, an train you are able to do anyway at any place. You do not need to take a seat in lotus place, shut your eyes until you’re graduated into one other degree of Qigong meditation, the place you would need to meditate on the decrease Dan Tien. To organize to do that train, you could bear in mind to breathe via your nostril, and have the tongue curled up touching your palate.

BREATHING OUT IS IMPORTANT. As you breathe out, attempt to really feel an vitality speeding into your physique via your nostril inversely. Add a bit of power in your respiration out, however not too explosive or else you’d really feel giddy. For the start, you need to really feel the vitality inflicting a tightening sensation in your throat each time you breathe out. Do a set of 12 respiration out train (Not forgetting to softly breathe in to refill your lung), throughout a session. The Chinese language consider that the perfect time to meditate is the 12 midday and 12 midnight, however it’s not a tough and quick rule.

Subsequent, when your throat is crammed with Qi, it will transfer downwards to your coronary heart chakra as your breathe OUT. When the center chakra is stuffed with vitality, it would transfer downwards to your abdomen. As you lead in additional Qi, you need to really feel a heat in your abdomen. Whereas the Qi is build up in your abdomen, you’d have a much bigger urge for food for meals. You’ll fart extra usually however the fart isn’t smelly.

After the abdomen is stuffed with vitality, the Qi would transfer right down to a vital acupuncture level – The Dan Tien (Sacral chakra), two fingers downward out of your naval and about half an inch inward. The entire rigmarole would repeat filling itself up your Dan Tien with vitality. It’s at this level you need to do some correct meditation, apart from the respiration workout routines, by focusing your will or consideration on the Dan Tien to consolidate the Qi there. The Dan Tien, or accurately known as, Qihai is a vital acupuncture level in Chinese language Qigong apply; it’s the all vital storage and distribution middle of Qi within the physique.

After the Dan Tien, the Qi transfer downwards and relaxation on the Weilu acupuncture level (Base chakra). That is the start of essentially the most tough a part of the train.

When the Weilu close to Base Chakra is stuffed with vitality, the Qi is meant to maneuver upwards alongside the backbone – the clearing of Three Gates/Obstacles (San Guan) The primary impediment is the motion up via the coccyx. (Weilu) close to the Base Chakra. There are two vital bridges of connection – first the tongue on palate, the Heaven Bridge and the second decrease connection, the Earth Bridge. I train a way not talked about by the author of the e-book, that’s utilizing the contraction of the anus to push up the Qi. The opposite methodology is for me to make use of my Qi to assist push it upwards for my college students. So, with some perseverance, you breathe out and can the Qi to start itself upsurge journey.

Throughout this significant stage of transferring up the vitality, the legs have to be crossed. The reason being {that a} novice meditator wouldn’t have sufficient expertise or understanding in controlling the Qi together with his will. This may outcome within the Qi going downwards to the legs and trigger cavities of Qi to be fashioned there. So by meditating on the sitting place, having the legs crossed, it will forestall the Qi from being deposited into the ft.

The following impediment is the JiaJi Šacupuncture level alongside the again backbone (someplace reverse the center chakra/†). You proceed to breathe out to maneuver the Qi and do the meditations train by specializing in the decrease Dan Tien.

After clearing the JiaJi, the vitality travels upward till it reaches the Third Impediment, the Jade Pillow (Yuzhen/) Acupuncture level. At this level, you’d really feel some discomfort behind the top because the Qi tries to interrupt via. Once more, perseverance pays off, and you need to have the ability to clear this final hurdle earlier than you full the vitality loop becoming a member of the back and front meridians. As soon as it clears this level, the Qi would transfer as much as your crown and relaxation there. It’s best to expertise a sense of enlightenment when that occurs. Subsequent, it’s simpler for the Qi to maneuver downwards to clear your forehead chakra earlier than resting on the purpose the place your tongue touches the palate.

So, you might have accomplished the small circulation, the dream of each Qigong practitioner. Now, even with out assistance from respiration out you possibly can transfer vitality all through your physique. Your total well being ought to enhance and it’s now simpler so that you can improve your religious growth. You’ll be able to proceed to maintain the loop open through the use of your will to flow into the Qi from again to entrance and from entrance to again.

That will help you clear the tough acupuncture factors, you should use stones – I favor uncooked garnet. Orange calcite is nice if you end up practising in your Dan Tian. I’m able to assist college students to hurry up the opening of the small or micro circulation by churning the motion of qi of their physique.

A phrase of warning: This methodology shouldn’t be practiced by girls in being pregnant and people with historical past of hypertension ought to search remedy to decrease their blood strain earlier than trying it. Over the longer run, correct apply of this methodology shall alleviate the hypertension drawback.

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