The silence in Al-Ahly… The departure of Marcel Kohler soon due to 7 serious reasons –

The silence in Al-Ahly… The departure of Marcel Kohler soon due to 7 serious reasons –

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All the scenes and data in the ranks of the first football team of the Al-Ahly club show the difficulties for the Swiss Marcel Kohler to remain at the head of the technical management of the Red Castle in the coming period.

We highlight some of the reasons that could accelerate the departure of Marcel Kohler from the Red Castle:

The disadvantages of Egyptian football

Swiss coach Marcel Kohler has begun to realize the negatives and mistakes of Egyptian football, resisting the intense pressure of matches for the red giant.

And the technical director believes, during his conversation with his assistant staff, that there is no time between one match to another in the league championship to correct negatives and avoid mistakes in light of successive confrontations.

A crisis in transactions is expected

The Al-Ahly coach is looking to bring in heavyweight deals to prop up the Reds in the African Champions League and Premier League.

And some in the on-ball apparatus at Red Castle began to pressure the coach to accept the signing of some deals, such as Ghana’s Daniel Avery, to include him on a free deal, while the coach had reservations about it because the player was not registered in the CAF Champions League.

At a time when there seems to be a crisis in terms of providing liquidity in dollars to settle the deals of foreign players in the coming period.

Local “tired” deals

Swiss Marcel Kohler believes that it is very difficult to secure deals from the Egyptian league because there is a serious weakness in the clothing and it is difficult to find items that can wear the jersey of a big and giant team like Al-Ahly club and therefore he will found a crisis in the strengthening of some lines such as the defensive line, the right back and the midfield.

Attacks, media criticism and social media warfare

There is no technical director in the world who is evaluated based on the result of the match, but this only happens in the Egyptian League and this was one of the reasons for the departure of many technical staff of Al-Ahly, such as the Portuguese Jose Peseiro or as Pizzo Musimani and other technical staff who stood helpless in the face of intense media and public criticism.

European offers

Marcel Kohler has returned to training after recovering from a knee injury and has a strong resume, so he will certainly start thinking about some European bids, such as Poland’s bid, to cope with a better climate and atmosphere than the casualty that dominates over the ball Egypt right now.

The expected comparison with Mosiman

There has been a significant decline in the level and performance of Al-Ahli Club and the current elements lack the ambition of Al-Ahli Club entering fiery confrontations in the Club World Cup and the African Champions League, which can draw comparisons between it and Bezo Musimani in terms of results and achievements!.

Kohler avoids star renewal file

Alam “Al-Ahly club news site
AhlyNews“The Swiss, Marcel Kohler, Red Castle’s technical director, has asked the administration to move as they wish in the file to renew the team’s star contract, which may indicate the ambiguity of his position on staying in the next period!

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