Therapeutic Secrets and techniques of the Pharaohs – Egyptian Therapeutic Rods

Therapeutic Secrets and techniques of the Pharaohs – Egyptian Therapeutic Rods

Therapeutic Secrets and techniques of the Pharaohs – Egyptian Therapeutic Rods

Therapeutic Secrets and techniques of the Pharaohs – Egyptian Therapeutic Rods

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For 3,000 years statues of the Pharaohs depicted them holding two rods. The Pharaohs used the rods to advertise private energy, vitality, and religious improvement (to attune themselves to Cosmic Forces). In addition they understood the stream of energies within the human physique and the significance of balancing these Yin and Yang (feminine and male) energies. Accordingly, a distinct sort of rod was made for every hand.

Solely the Pharaohs and their Excessive Monks had been ever allowed to the touch what we now know are unbelievable therapeutic units. When the Egyptian dynasties ended, information of the aim and use of the rods was identified solely to a couple secret mystical societies who saved their existence hidden till a European nobleman revealed them to the world.

Within the early 1990’s, Russian medical medical doctors, physicists, astro-psychologists, and scientists jumped on the probability to study extra about these historic instruments. Via years of scientific research and analysis they “reinvented” the rods utilized by Egyptian Pharaohs.

A copper rod (signifying the Solar and Masculine Vitality) was created to make use of in the precise hand. A zinc rod (signifying the Moon and Female Vitality) was developed for the left hand. Totally different supplies, together with quartz crystal, are inserted into the rods, relying upon the meant impact, resembling bodily therapeutic or religious improvement. Russian cosmonauts, athletes, medical medical doctors, scientists, and others use the rods frequently to revive steadiness, improve well being and efficiency, and faucet their inside powers.

When finishing up quite a few concentrating on experiments, Dr. MA Clean, specialist of the Oncological Heart in Pesochny, found that the affect of the rods creates a particular situation within the organism making it extra environment friendly at self-healing. Dr. Clean means that the rods be really useful as a preventive treatment for folks with transcontinental syndrome, whose enterprise is linked with flights from one time zone to a different (pilots, sportsmen, vacationers, long-distance drivers, and so on.) and when asynchronous modes of inner and exterior organism work causes headache and weak point.

When held correctly, the rods create {an electrical} conduit that strikes by way of the physique alongside the meridians utilized in acupuncture, each rising power stream and enhancing the functioning of the central nervous system.

Kirlian images, which reveals the power stream within the physique, reveals that seven minutes of holding the rods has the identical impact as half-hour of acupuncture. The rods truly “cleanse” the meridian system which permits power to maneuver extra freely by way of the physique. They steadiness the physique and strengthen the immune response system so the physique can heal itself.

The rods have been used to assist scale back the signs of insomnia, stress, fatigue, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, gastric misery, cancerous tumors, and plenty of different sicknesses.

The analysis, carried out in June 2000 by Polish bio-energetic medical doctors, below the management of Marek Stavisky, confirmed that: “A floor of the zinc rod radiates the ultraviolet spectrum. I take advantage of this spectrum for splitting the buildings of malignant tumors and for freezing their exercise. One other spectrum, that seems on the butt-end of the zinc rod, is used for radiating the malignant tumors earlier than working.” His research present that the radiation supplied solely by the one zinc Rod will be efficiently used for treating most cancers. A set of essentially the most highly effective rods used as a pair supplies the radiation.

Egyptian Therapeutic Rods stimulate the endocrine, immune, and nervous techniques; harmonize energies of {couples} when shared; relieve ache; assist steadiness the chakras or power facilities of the physique; and stimulates the physique as an entire organism, thus selling therapeutic.

Dr. MA Nikulin, a senior analysis employee on the Dzhanelidze First Help Scientific Analysis Institute in St. Petersburg, concluded the next after some medical investigations of the Egyptian’s Rods affect on the human organism had been carried out: “When any pathologies inside a human physique are detected we observe a thermal asymmetry between the sick and wholesome components of the physique. Held in palms, the rods equalize this thermal asymmetry, thus displaying their therapeutic impact.”

They create a robust Bio-field across the physique shielding it from damaging energies. Researching the rods on the Worldwide Shaping Federation, Professor E. Ziminof Shaping Faculty supplies the next conclusion: “The investigation of several types of the rods did present, that the rods, when contacting the human palms, causes a stream of excessive frequency power, affecting an individual’s bio-field. Because of this affect, a bio-field purification from international discipline inclusions takes place, in addition to purification of power channels. The effectivity of chakras’ functioning, dimension of the individual’s bio-field and power of human’s bodily physique additionally improve.

All of us are uncovered to damaging power each day. These dangerous influences can come from the attitudes of individuals we encounter, world occasions, environmental air pollution, and the stress of on a regular basis dwelling. Day by day publicity to those damaging influences can merely put on you down and go away you open to fatigue, melancholy, anger and illness.

The Egyptian Therapeutic Rods can restore your power and scale back the dangerous results of stress and damaging power by serving to to return your physique to its pure steadiness. The rods may also help you are feeling extra calm and centered. Together with your thoughts clear, you will see that it simpler to focus and achieve extra with much less stress.

When you work as a healer, counselor or physique employee, you know the way working carefully with many individuals every day can deplete you. Utilizing the therapeutic rods between classes can restore your power and clear your thoughts as a way to give every consumer or affected person your greatest.

The views of specialists in Tsigun, Yoga and different Bio-Energetic Practices:… are almost the identical. The affect of the rods will increase the motion of “Chi” (“prana”) within the power meridians or canals. Attributable to elevated motion of Chi, canals “furred up” by issues are actively cleansed and a wholesome power steadiness between the organs is restored. This elevated motion of Chi causes a pricking sensation or numbness within the ideas of the fingers and a pulsation within the heart of the palms and soles. The method of clearing blockages may additionally trigger a reasonably wide selection of sensations. Mostly occurring are: a vibration, stress or bursting in sure components of the physique to the purpose of a tolerable and quickly passing ache, a ringing within the ears and a slight dizziness. Because the power steadiness is restored these sensations disappear. Common use of the Egyptian Rods, whereas observing quite a few guidelines in each day life, strengthens and reinforces one’s energetic potential. Enabling one to determine contact with increased types of intelligence and to manifest different superior capabilities related to a wholesome and morally pure human being.

Common use of the rods deepens meditation and enhances psychological and psychic talents resembling telepathy, clairvoyance, and reference to the Circulate of Life Drive. They’re highly effective instruments for manifesting and co creating!

The view of Astro-psychologists:”…even the rods’ affect of quick length (about 5 minutes) on human’s psycho-physical fields and energetic construction stimulates the focus of consideration on inside photographs created by it, enforcinga trance and meditative impact Whereas a hypnotist might require months of trainings to achieve the mandatory focus of consideration, utilizing the rods the coaching time decreases significantly, and the impact realized is way increased than that one reached by peculiar strategies. that utilizing the rods each cerebral hemispheres grow to be synchronized, and the potentials of the left and proper hemispheres’ cortex equalize.

The Egyptian Therapeutic Rods are energetically conditioned in a 72 foot tall pyramid outdoors of St. Petersburg, Russia.

It is essential to know a few of the analysis outcomes of the Russian Nationwide Academy of Sciences relative to pyramids:

1. Because of constructing a pyramid advanced in an oil discipline in Southern Russia (Bashkiria), the oil grew to become lighter (much less viscous) by 30% and the yield of the oil wells elevated as confirmed by (Gubkin) Moscow Academy of Oil and Gasoline.

2. Areas close to the pyramids appear to have diminished seismic exercise. As an alternative of 1 giant highly effective earthquake occurring, there are a whole bunch of tiny ones. Additionally violent climate appears to lower within the space of ​​the pyramids.

3. Newborns got options that had been positioned within the pyramid and their well being indexes elevated significantly.

4. Agricultural seeds positioned within the pyramid for 1 to five days confirmed a 30-100% improve in yield.

5. The immune techniques of organisms elevated upon publicity within the pyramid (leukocyte composition of the blood elevated and there was an elevated regeneration of tissues).

6. Experiments with about 5,000 folks in Russian jails confirmed that in just a few months most crimes virtually disappeared and conduct was a lot improved because of including salt and pepper conditioned within the pyramid to the inmates meals.

7. The efficiency of prescribed drugs elevated with lowering unintended effects.

8. When radioactive waste is positioned contained in the pyramids, there’s a lower of their stage of radioactivity.

9. There are adjustments in superconductivity temperature thresholds and properties of semiconductors and carbon supplies.

10. Bizarre water doesn’t freeze even at 40 levels beneath zero and retains its properties for years.

11. Synthesized diamonds prove tougher and purer.

12. There is a rise in survival of mobile tissue contaminated by viruses and micro organism and the pyramids lower the energy of assorted viruses and micro organism.

13. When the cap was being positioned on the 22 meter Lake Seliger pyramid, Russian Army radar noticed an power column rising a number of miles excessive within the sky and scrambled fighter jets. A number of months after this pyramid was constructed, the Ozone layer improved within the Russian ambiance.

14. Over 40% of the mice injected with a toxin deadly to mice survived when the toxin was conditioned in a pyramid.

The rods and the power of the pyramid, primarily based upon Sacred Geometry, grow to be synergized, making them highly effective therapeutic and transformational instruments. They characterize innovative expertise rediscovered from historic Egypt which permit us to significantly enhance our psychological and bodily talents in a really quick time period.

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