They were deprived of what Messi experienced.. 4 stars lost their way to the World Cup

They were deprived of what Messi experienced.. 4 stars lost their way to the World Cup

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A world tour experienced by Lionel Messi, captain of the Argentine national team, for the moment he lifted the third World Cup in the history of Tango.

The World Cup is the most expensive in Lionel Messi’s history with the Argentina national team, as football finally smiled on him with the national team after a lot of suffering as he lost in the biggest final he went to with Argentina, regardless whether in the 2014 World Cup or with the Copa America in 2007 or 2018.

Messi was not just an ordinary player but an icon for fans around the world as well as footballers.

Apart from Lionel Messi’s zeal in football and his quest to win the best individual and team titles, he is a lucky player as he suffers a lot to reach the shot and lift the Golden Cup.

Talking about the fictional career of Messi will not end, but if we look at the big stars and legends in football, we will find that they fought to reach the World Cup, but the ball did not smile at them and they are at the top of this list is the traditional Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo who has achieved almost everything in football and has won all FIFA tournaments except the World Cup, the tournament that every player wants to crown to end his international career in the best possible way.

The national team of Portugal left the edition of the quarter-finals in 2022 with an unexpected surprise, as the national team of Morocco managed to eliminate friends of Cristiano Ronaldo (37 years old), who should fight for the title, especially since he will not join the next release in America by a large percentage.

Away from Ronaldo, we will find that there are more than one international player who has dreamed of winning the title in the current version for the sake of the perfect finish, such as Messi and Ronaldo.

At the top of this list is Lucille Suarez, the forward of the Uruguayan national team, who turned 35 years old. After Uruguay was knocked out of the World Cup in the group stage, the former Barcelona striker appeared to be in a state of collapse due to a lack of gold cup victory.

As for Karim Benzema, the striker of Real Madrid and the French national team, he is considered the least lucky player, because France managed to win the world cup in 2018, but Didier Deschamps, the coach of France, did not included in the list and therefore does not count towards it.

In this version, Benzema also faced misfortune as he suffered a serious injury before the start of the competition which largely ruled him out, but Deschamps in this version refused to replace him with another player.

Even when Deschamps was asked about the continued existence of Benzema’s name on the national team list, despite his absence from the World Cup matches becoming a fait accompli, he confirmed that he has a large number of strikers and indeed the Roosters reached the final match and Benzema was at the top of the existing list, but France were beaten by Argentina to deprive Benzema of the achievement in which he was not involved.

As well as Luka Modric, the Croatian midfielder who made it to the final of the 2018 World Cup and was defeated by France, and in the current version, Luka struggled to reach the final but was defeated by Argentina in the semi-finals and finished the tournament in third place after defeating Morocco in the match to determine the third and fourth.

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