Thoughts Over Matter – Confirmed

Thoughts Over Matter – Confirmed

Thoughts Over Matter – Confirmed

Thoughts Over Matter – Confirmed

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The next quote is a assessment I discovered on for a e book I’ve solely examine however appears to verify many different issues. The e book is written by a former Chair of Materials Sciences at Stanford and I believe it suits the work of Dr. Don Robins in addition to different Clever Design researchers we’ve got mentioned.

“Thoughts Over Matter — Confirmed!, June 11, 2002

Reviewer: Dave Stein, Scientific Editor, Frontier Views

In placing distinction with many books targeted on next-generation physics, arithmetic, biology, psychology, or drugs, Aware Acts of Creation combines an excellent theoretical mannequin with a number of rigorous experiments that discover the affect of human intention on bodily actuality – in dwelling in addition to inanimate techniques. It’s in these convincing demonstrations that the precept “as above, so under” involves life. Much more profoundly, the e book establishes that repetition of the experiments in given locales can dramatically enhance the facility of the locales to breed the outcomes – with some locales retaining their conditioning or “cost” for greater than a yr! These findings lend plausibility to that which mystics know as “sacred area.”

A postulated theoretical mannequin offers a launch level for decoding the experimental outcomes. Its main cornerstone is an eight-dimensional biconformal base area with two four-dimensional, Fourier remodel associated subspaces. One subspace corresponds to our on a regular basis world, whereas the opposite subspace is a reciprocal or inverse “etheric” area – roughly analogous to k-space however with further postulated properties together with superluminal “velocities” (presumably in inverse items) and interchanged roles of electrical energy and magnetism. The mannequin incorporates nonlocality, a scientific precept that will sometime show to be the underpinning for phenomena reminiscent of parapsychology and distant therapeutic. Moreover, the authors be aware similarities between their mannequin and fashions proposed by different scientists, some extremely outstanding. Granted, the mannequin turns into extra speculative when it associates even greater dimensionalities with emotion, thoughts, and spirit. Even then, nevertheless, it stays according to varied esoteric teachings, and it could but present the empowering mechanism for manifestation of intention (the place the 2 subspaces, in some methods mutually symmetric, seem to play uneven roles) and in in any other case connecting science with spirit . Readers who disagree with the postulated mannequin will nonetheless profit from the authors’ good insights.

Mysticism apart, the postulated “thoughts over matter” mechanisms embrace a doable position for variation in atomic and molecular floor state energies. The noticed area conditioning is mentioned within the context of gauge symmetries. Rounding out the mannequin are the insightful discussions of augmented electromagnetism (which the authors affiliate with Qi), internal self-management methods reminiscent of Qi Gong and Yoga, and even the existence of two phases of liquid water. In Chapters 9 and 10, the authors change into futurists as they counsel doable implications of reciprocal area engineering for drugs, pharmacology, communications, and manufacturing.

On the experimental aspect, the authors set the instance in thoroughness and scientific rigor, though the in-depth dialogue of the protocols in addition to the order of subjects might affect the e book’s readability. A mitigating issue is the good introduction to gauge concept and the elucidation of a number of different subjects together with self-sustained oscillations, crystallography, and reciprocal area. Actually, the e book is a mini physics course that presents varied ideas of electromagnetism, thermodynamics, solid-state physics, and quantum mechanics in a readable and comprehensible method. Additionally included is a superb dialogue of enzymes, coenzymes and the electron transport chain as they relate to the experiments.

Scientists, healers, and others who examine or work with delicate energies will respect the authors’ insights on repeatability of experimental outcomes. Within the mainstream scientific neighborhood, replication of outcomes is a take a look at for credibility; but constant leads to therapeutic, dowsing, distant viewing, and ESP are sometimes elusive. Armed with profitable demonstrations of area conditioning, the authors shed new mild on this longstanding problem – though they talk about different components, each geocosmic and human, that may additionally affect repeatability of outcomes.

Aware Acts of Creation makes a convincing case that the highly effective results of intention and emotion can not be disregarded – in therapeutic, in scientific analysis, and even in on a regular basis life. The authors’ findings might certainly have profound penalties for the idea of scientific “objectivity.” Extra considerably, this e book will take the reader past the realm of the on a regular basis world and can increase one’s view of himself or herself as a co-creator of actuality. It is because of this that Aware Acts of Creation is important studying – not just for scientists, engineers, and well being care practitioners (each mainstream and complementary) but in addition for others who search to maximise their human experiences. Aware Acts of Creation certainly heralds and factors a method forward for ‘the emergence of a brand new physics.'”

Water Crystals Reply:

Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven some actually implausible interactions not in contrast to Tiller’s experiments in lattice formation and interactions between thoughts and different power round us.

“My efforts to {photograph} ice crystals and conduct analysis started to maneuver forward. Then someday the researcher – who was as caught up within the venture as I – stated one thing utterly out of the blue: ‘Let’s examine what occurs once we expose the water to music.’

I knew that it was doable for the vibrations of music to impact the water. I personally get pleasure from music immensely, and as a baby had even had hopes of turning into knowledgeable musician, and so I used to be all in favor of this off-the-wall experiment.

At first we had no concept what music we’d use and beneath what circumstances we’d conduct the experiment. However after appreciable trial and error, we reached the conclusion that the perfect technique was in all probability the best – put a bottle of water on a desk between two audio system and expose it to a quantity at which an individual may usually hearken to music. We’d additionally want to make use of the identical water that we had utilized in earlier experiments.

We first tried distilled water from a drugstore.

The outcomes stounded us. Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, with its shiny and clear tones, resulted in lovely and well-formed crystals. Mozart’s fortieth Symphony, a sleek prayer to magnificence, created crystals that had been delicate and stylish. And the crystals shaped by publicity to Chopin’s Etude in E, Op. 10, No. 3, stunned us with their pretty element.

All of the classical music that we uncovered the water to resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct traits. In distinction, the water uncovered to violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at greatest.

Can phrases have an effect on water, too?

However our experimenting did not cease there. We subsequent considered what would occur if we wrote phrases or phrases like ‘Thanks’ and ‘Idiot’ on items of paper, and wrapped the paper across the bottles of water with the phrases dealing with in. It did not appear logical for water to ‘learn’ the writing, perceive the which means, and alter its kind accordingly. However I knew from the experiment with music that unusual issues may occur. We felt as if we had been explorers setting out on a journey by way of an unmapped jungle.

The outcomes of the experiments did not disappoint us. Water uncovered to ‘Thanks’ shaped lovely hexagonal crystals, however water uncovered to the phrase ‘Idiot’ produced crystals much like the water uncovered to heavy-metal music, malformed and fragmented.” (4)

What legal guidelines of science or lattice formation are at work right here? How related is life and what quantity of soul or ‘chhi’ is in all issues? May the ancients and much more materialistic man of the current use these energies to search out water or minerals?

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