Today is the last day to use Dark Sky on iOS before it shuts down

Today is the last day to use Dark Sky on iOS before it shuts down

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It’s time to say goodbye to Dark Sky. Almost two years after Apple , and more than a year after announcing its impending closure, Dark Sky is about to go out of business. Since September, there has been a notification in the app the software will no longer work on January 1, 2023. In September, Apple also removed Dark Sky from the App Store ().

If you’re looking for an alternative, it’s worth revisiting Apple’s own Weather app before turning to the App Store. From , the company is gradually integrating Dark Sky’s technology into its native offering. For example, the Weather app now includes rainfall warnings in the next hour, a feature that was directly inspired by Dark Sky. However, if you’re set on trying a third-party alternative, a few worth checking out include AccuWeather and Carrot Weather.

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