Vitoria proposes the creation of a reserve league in Egypt

Vitoria proposes the creation of a reserve league in Egypt

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Portuguese coach Roy Vitoria, coach of the Egyptian national team, proposed the participation of Al-Ahly and Zamalek with “support teams” in the lower ranks, presenting a number of decisions to the Egyptian Football Association.

Portuguese coach Roy Vitoria has been in charge of Egypt’s national team since July 22, 2022.

Vitoria said in statements to the Ontime Sports TV channel: “We need to create new competitions to include young players … such as creating a reserve team at each club, provided that he participates in the lower ranks, or creating a special a league for them that we call “Mixed League.” Well organized, coaches and players with good pitches.

And he continued: “In Portugal, we gave a place for the participation of auxiliary teams in the lower ranks .. We left them 6 places out of 22, .. For example, it is possible for Al-Ahly and Zamalek to participate in a reserve team in a lower rank, so that the young players get friction and experience.” “.

The Portuguese coach added: “There is another proposal…to set a percentage of young players at each club, but in specific competitions or competitions.”

And he added: “The Egyptian coach must agree with the Football Association and the clubs so that there is collective action for the development of Egyptian football.”

Vitoria clarified: “It is not right for the players to play Premier League matches in these stadiums.. Better conditions must be provided. You talk about the Egyptian League and you see some teams playing in bad stadiums because of financial problems or for other reasons.”

And he added: “We must not leave anything to chance.. We must organize the Egyptian league well. The player must know when he will play, when the season ends and how many fans will be present.. All these are important for better players.”

In a separate context, Vitoria stated: “We have a good group of players… but we have to think how did Senegal and Morocco do at the World Cup? Because of professional players playing high level matches in Europe. “

The Portuguese coach continued: “Salah turned professional at the age of 19, as did Hegazi. But now, do you see an Egyptian player turning professional at a young age? None.”

He concluded: “I worked with great players like Joao Felix… Did you know he was sold for 120 million euros at a young age? Why don’t we do that in Egypt? We have to bet on young talent and football has become (business) , so this matter should be applied in Egypt’.

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