Wests Tigers lodge formal complaint, claiming a late penalty was wrongly given in their loss to North Queensland

Wests Tigers have launched an official complaint to the NRL over a captain’s challenge call that cost them victory against North Queensland on Sunday.

In a strongly-worded statement on Monday morning, the Tigers stopped short of demanding the NRL award them two points after the 27-26 loss to the Cowboys in Townsville.

However, CEO Justin Pascoe was adamant the NRL had got the call wrong despite claims from the league that the correct process was followed in the match-deciding decision.

Down 26-25 with one second to play, the Cowboys claimed Kyle Feldt was escorted off a short kick-off and obstructed from reclaiming the ball.

No penalty was blown on-field, however Cowboys captain Chad Townsend mounted his case to referee Chris Butler before the challenge was allowed.


Ordinarily, a captain can only challenge decisions that are made by the referee and which force a stoppage in play, such as the call of a knock-on or penalty.

But the NRL has claimed that the Cowboys were able to challenge the referee’s soft whistle to end the game, arguing that there had been a foul committed on the play.

But that response did not satisfy the Tigers, who were marking the 300th game for James Tamou.

“We believe the officials got it wrong, plain and simple,” Pascoe said.


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