What are the chances of qualifying for Group H teams?

What are the chances of qualifying for Group H teams?

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Group Eight teams have varying chances of qualifying for the final price round of the 2022 World Cup, hours before the decisive third round of the group stage.

Portugal will play against South Korea at the “Education City” stadium, and Ghana will play against Uruguay at the “Al Janoub” stadium at 05:00 pm today, Friday, in the third round.

Ranking of the eighth group:

1- Portugal .. 6 points (goal difference +3).

2- Ghana .. 3 points (0 goal difference).

3- South Korea .. a point (goal difference -1).

4- Uruguay .. a point (goal difference -2).

The first and second place holders qualify for the group, and qualification is decided by the number of points for each team.

The following is a review of the chances of qualifying for the four teams:

Portugal .. an almost guaranteed lead

Portugal secured qualification for the final price round, regardless of the results of today’s matches, thanks to its victory in the first two matches, as no two teams could score more points than it after the end of the third round.

The Portuguese national team is playing in order to maintain its lead, knowing that it may prevent it from facing Brazil early.

It is enough for Cristiano Ronaldo’s comrades to win any result in order to reach the ninth point and lead with a full mark, noting that no team has yet succeeded in winning its three matches in the 2022 World Cup.

It is also enough for the Portuguese national team to draw with any result against South Korea to reach the seventh point that no other team in the group can reach, and thus lead.

Also, the loss of Portugal at the hands of its South Korean counterpart, with Ghana not winning against Uruguay, guarantees it the lead, as the Portuguese will stop at 6 points, which is a balance that no team can reach if the Ghanaian team does not win.

Likewise, the loss of the Portuguese team with the victory of Ghana will keep the lead with the European team, provided that they excel in goal difference, noting that the current goal difference is in the interest of the sons of coach Fernando Santos by 3 goals.

Ghana.. 3 available scenarios

As for the Ghanaian national team, it is sufficient for it to win any result against Uruguay in order to secure a pass to the final price round, as its score will reach 6 points, regardless of the outcome of the match between Portugal and South Korea.

And if Ghana tied with Uruguay, it would reach the fourth point, and at that time it would need South Korea not to win over Portugal, so that the Asian team would not reach its fourth point.

The third scenario is Ghana’s draw with Uruguay, with South Korea’s victory over Portugal, provided that the goal difference (or goals scored at least) remains in favor of the African team.

Currently, the Ghana national team scored 5 goals and conceded the same, while the South Korean national team scored 2 and conceded 3.

Uruguay.. winning and waiting for a gift

First of all, the Uruguay national team must prove its eligibility to clinch the qualification ticket by beating Ghana.

Uruguay needs to beat Ghana, with South Korea not to beat Portugal.

The Uruguay team can also win, with South Korea’s victory over Portugal, but with results that include a higher goal difference for the Latin team, knowing that the current goal difference is in the interest of the Koreans by a goal difference.

South Korea.. the most difficult task

The task of the South Korean national team is considered the most difficult in the accounts of Group H, as it must beat the Portuguese national team, the most prominent candidate for the top of the group, with the end of the match between Ghana and Uruguay with a result that serves its interests.

South Korea needs to beat Portugal by more than one goal, with Uruguay and Ghana tied, at which time the Korean and Ghanaian teams will reach the fourth point, but the Asian team will excel in goal difference, as the current goal difference is in the interest of the Africans by one goal.

South Korea can also beat Portugal with Uruguay’s victory over Ghana, provided that the goal difference between them remains in favor of Heung-Min Son’s comrades (the current goal difference is in favor of Korea by one goal).

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