What free games are on the Epic Games Store right now?

What free games are on the Epic Games Store right now?

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Players can take First class problems, Gamedec — Final Editionand Divine knockoutwhich are free to download, play and store from the Epic Games Store starting Thursday, January 12.

First class problems, from the developer Invisible Walls, is a survival and social deduction game (presented in a third-person perspective). Players are aboard a space cruise ship whose AI network is about to take control of the ship and, apparently, kill everyone on board. Players must shut down the AI ​​while rooting out the android cheaters in their midst.

First class problems launched in November 2021 and was a day-and-date launch for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers this month. It has highly positive reputation among Steam players who have left reviews for it.

Gamedec is a cyberpunk single-player role-playing game developed by Anshar Studios, and sends players to work as an in-game detective who solves crimes in virtual worlds. Players interview witnesses and suspects in their quest to root out fraud and save lives. Anshar describes the game as adaptive, shaping itself according to your choices. GamedecThe Definitive Edition, released in September 2022, includes different settings and new characters, plus the challenging True Detective mode.

Divine knockout (Also known as DKO) by Red Beard Games and Hi-Rez Studios is presented as a third-person game similar to 3D Smash where the goal is to knock your opponents off the stage. The roster of fighters is drawn from familiar myths, including Hercules, King Arthur, Amaterasu and Thor — but also includes real-world personalities like TimTheTatman. The main game mode is a 3v3 battle where the rules and objectives can change every round. Divine knockout also features 2v2 and 1v1 battles which are strictly combat and KO focused. The game was it was previously available as a freebie for PlayStation Plus in Decemberwhen it starts.

All three games are available to claim now, but only for the next seven days. Last week’s free games, Kerbal Space Program and Shadow Tactics — Aiko’s Choice are back on the market at their regular price.

Free Epic Games Store offers are available to anyone with an (also free) Epic Games Store account; they will be added to your library and run from there. Epic it was giving away free games on a weekly basis as an incentive to join the store (and play Epic’s own games such as Fortnite) from launched in December 2018.

The next free game coming from the Epic Games Store is an adventure game Epistory – typewritten chronicles, which will be available from January 19th to January 26th.

When is the Epic Games Store updated with free games?

Typically, Epic updates its lineup of free games every Thursday at 11am ET/8am PT.

Epic Games Store Free Games History 2023

  • January 1 to January 5: Dishonored – Definitive Edition and Eximus: Take the front line
  • January 5 to January 12: Kerbal Space Program and Shadow Tactics — Aiko’s Choice
  • January 12 to January 19: First class problems, Gamedec – Final Editionand Divine knockout

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