Why does the Planning Committee insist on contracting this player in Al-Ahly? The full reasons –

Why does the Planning Committee insist on contracting this player in Al-Ahly? The full reasons –

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The Al-Ahly club’s planning committee insisted on nominating a promising star of high caliber on Swiss coach Marcel Koehler, coach of the red team, early, in the winter transfer season, in order to include him in the red team.

According to closely related sources from the committee members, Al-Ahly club is seeking Coller’s opinion about Omar Fayed, the 19-year-old defender of the Arab Contractors, who represents a strong addition to the Wolves of the Mountain team in the matches in which he participated.

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Nicknamed the new “Hegazy” or the modified version of Ahmed Hegazy, a player from the Saudi Jeddah Federation, he wants to be one of the players who make glory with Wolves before moving to any other club.

Fayed is looking forward to reaching the red shirt, but from the Arab Contractors gate, while Kohler is still thinking about the deals that will join the team in the winter transfers, refusing to rush to resolve them at all.

Al-Ahly club is still waiting for the good efforts through which it will look forward to the safe departure of Al-Ahly, if the Arab Contractors Administration is fully prepared to give up its efforts with the team.

The player is characterized by the appropriate length of the defender, cutting high and longitudinal balls and crosses, and spoiling the opponent’s plans in the offensive aspect, especially as he has a high mental and physical fitness that qualifies to do things that will reach the ball before everyone else.

The Al-Ahly Club Planning Committee is awaiting the last decision by Kohler, to notify the Contracting Committee led by Amir Tawfiq to move to the wolves in order to kidnap the player with outstanding performance in the defense line with the testimony of all the numbers and statistics that took place on him.

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