You have decided your fate… Marcel Kohler’s final decision officially surprises Percy Tao –

You have decided your fate… Marcel Kohler’s final decision officially surprises Percy Tao –

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Finally and officially, Swiss coach Marcel Kohler, coach of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, decided the fate of South African professional Percy Tau, the winger of Red Castle, from the news of his departure.

And there has been some talk by Al-Ahly’s Club Planning Committee in the last period, regarding the possibility of opening the door to terminate Percy Thaw’s contract or discussing the possibility of selling the player in the next winter transfer window.

Final decision by Marcel Kohler

Sources at Al-Ahly Club have confirmed that Swiss Marcel Kohler, coach of Al-Ahly Club, has stepped into the line and officially adheres to the continuation of South African professional Percy Thaw and rejected the idea of ​​the player leaving.

You have decided your fate… Marcel Kohler’s final decision officially surprises Percy Tao –

Marcel Kohler has asked Al-Ahly club management to give Percy Tao a chance to feature in the upcoming confrontations, especially as he is due back in less than two weeks to take part in group training.

The Swiss refused to let the South African leave Red Castle or give up his services, especially as he appeared well before picking up a muscle injury in the final period that messed up his technical accounts.

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Percy Tau featured as an outspoken striker with Al-Ahly last term and managed to score twice against Ghazl El-Mahalla and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria before injury kept him out of the latest clashes.

And Switzerland’s Marcel Kohler decided to retain the services of Percy Thaw to try to capitalize on his services throughout the season, particularly in light of his lack of conviction at the level of the duo of Muhammad Sharif and Shadi Hussain, at a time when Hossam Hasan came very close to leaving on loan, as he has not officially participated in any match Main since the start of the current season.

Al-Ahly club winger Percy Tau had received some contacts earlier from Betso Musimani, the coach of the Saudi side Al-Ahly Jeddah, to discuss the possibility of a contract with him, but the Red Castle star preferred to stay and not moves to the Castle of Cups.

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