Zamalek news – A new crisis hits the Zamalek club and threatens its stability.

Zamalek news – A new crisis hits the Zamalek club and threatens its stability.

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November 5, 2022 at 4:07 pm

A new crisis hits the Zamalek club and threatens its stability.. Read the details

Sarah Abdel Baqi

A new crisis hit Zamalek Club, due to the non-payment of insurance payments for nearly 160 employees and workers, who were laid off during the recent period.

A large number of dismissed persons filed cases against Zamalek after submitting to the court evidence of their failure to act, attached to the legal opinion from the club’s labor office.

An informed source inside Zamalek confirmed that the club appealed against the rulings issued in favor of the employees, and Walid Bakhit, the director of personnel affairs, submitted Form 6 to all the departed, confirming that they had signed a proof of termination of their work with the club.

For their part, the lawyers who defend the dismissed employees and workers, filed an appeal for forgery before the court, based on the fact that the club in the first sessions of the trials confirmed that the employees were absent and refrained from working, so they were dismissed, before the reasons presented by the representatives of Zamalek changed.

In their appeal, the lawyers confirmed that the employees did not refrain from working or sign forms for termination of work, which was previously proven in official records at the Agouza and Dokki department, with evidence confirming the issuance of decisions preventing them from entering the club’s headquarters to perform their work duties.

And the source set off a surprise, as he confirmed that a ruling had already been passed in favor of some employees and workers to oblige Zamalek to pay large sums of money to them as compensation for the dismissal decision, with their return to their work also in the club, provided that the ruling is issued to the remaining group in the coming days.

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